Time To Deep Clean RVA

Running The School Together


Here at Richmond Vale Academy, we work hard to ensure that the school and surrounding areas are tidy and presentable. In order for this to happen, all of the students and staff here pitch in to make a clean and pleasant living environment for all.

Each day after breakfast students is assigne to an area of the school which is their responsibility to clean. As this happens every day of the week. We keep on top of all cleanliness and any maintenance within the academy. A new responsibility area was create in order to take of this, which has been name health & hygiene.

The students in this group are in charge of organising target areas, cleaning rotas and the products we need in order to carry out the action.


As well as cleaning our individual areas once a day, the whole school also takes part in deep cleaning once each week.

Deep cleaning means giving attention to the corners of the school that really need it! For example, the lamp shades in the main hall are not so easy to reach and are neglect from the regular everyday cleaning and take a lot of care, time and attention to wash. During deep cleaning, areas such as these are given priority as they are not a necessity.

Before each deep cleaning session, students gather in the main hall to discover the areas that the health & hygiene team have chosen as key zones that need attention. People are then able to volunteer themselves for an area that they would like to clean.


In our weekly Thursday common meeting, students are also able to voice their opinion on any areas they believe need some consideration or also to advise the health & hygiene team on cleaning products that might be needed in order to fulfil the action.

Studying and living at Richmond Vale Academy means agreeing to communal living and a shared respect for each other’s space. We all work as a team and play our part in keeping the school tidy and welcoming!

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