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A brief overview of this project, Richmond Vale Academy hasbeen working for some time already.

It is important to remember that we as humans are part of the environment. With over 6 billion of us on Earth, our combined actions have a big impact on the environment. However, at least we are aware of that impact. We can do things as individuals and we can find ways to work together to lessen the detrimental impacts of billions of people. Environmental science fair project ideas explore such topics as air quality, water quality, the effects of climate change, and many others.

Most of all, this project consists of the most important thing such as rehabilitating the trail.

The 4.3 mile long trail will be cleared using cutlasses. Several big trees, which have fallen and are blocking the original path of the trail on the ridge, will be removes. In areas which are steep and hazardous stairs will be re-established.

Vetiver grass and trees will be planted in two critical areas where landslides are very close to the trail preventing further soil erosion and strengthen the safety of the trail.  Selected trees will be planted along the trail to counter soil erosion and to enhance biodiversity.

Three (3) look out spots for visitors will be established. The midway point of the trail will be re-established and extended, for it to be suitable for bigger groups to stop and rest on the way to the summit. 15 information signs will be set up with: guidelines how to hike the trail, disclaimers and information on climate change, biodiversity and the history of the volcano.

However, this is a project undertaken to collaborate with the environment. Richmond Vale Academy is the leader of this, providing tools for development.

Peoples' thoughts about the importance of the La Soufriere cross country trail.

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