The Four Intelligences

the-four-intelligences-1-web The Four Intelligences

The concept of intelligence is used to describe how well the brain of a person works. It is important for a child to fully develop its intelligence and for anyone to keep developing the intelligence until old age. You may extend the concept to include different intelligences, and we will here describe four plus one intelligence.

Logical intelligence

This is the ability to solve logical and mathematical problems fast and correctly, and to analyze a complex problem and find solutions. Traditionally, intelligence was measured by a test, a so-called IQ test. Your score on this test will tell whether you are normal, retarded, above normal or maybe a genius. Much of the logical reasoning takes place in the prefrontal cortex.

Emotional intelligence

This is the ability to react emotionally, express emotions, understand your own emotions and the emotions of others and use the motions as an active force.
Whereas logical reasoning takes time for the brain, for example one second, just realizing the nature of a problem and then start solving it, emotional intelligence works extremely fast. If you hear a lion roaring near by, chills will be running down your spine in a tenth of a second, and you will be ready to run or fight the lion long before you logical intelligence can tell you what would be the most clever way to handle the situation. The emotional brain is situated deep in the center of the brain near the brain stem, and is associated with a small structure called the amygdala.

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Social intelligence.

This it the ability to understand and to communicate with others– also without words. Brain scientists have found some special large cells throughout the brain that they call mirror neurons. These cells react to other people. When you see a happy person, the mirror neurons in the part of your brain where happiness is registered will react and tell this brain center that YOU are happy, and from that you understand that it is a happy person you are looking at.
Social intelligence is extremely important for human beings, and is at work in children from a very early age. It is therefor possible to communicate with a new born baby who is not going to talk for another 18 months or more just by being together with and looking at and holding the child, which will register your emotions and communicate his or her emotions to you.

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Creative intelligence

This is the ability to come up with brand new ideas of how to do things, find solutions where none existed before, create art that expresses feeling that might not be understood intellectually and do the truly unique. Most people do not train their creative intelligence very much, but in a changing world this is a most important intelligence, as we will not be able to rely on established wisdom in the world of the future.

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Leadership intelligence

If all of the four above mentioned intelligences work well, they are the foundration for leadership intelligence i.e. your ability to lead others confidently, in a good mood, in cooperation with others and solving problems as they occur. For children – and actually for all of us – to become leaders of tomorrow, we must develop all our intelligences. Training can develop all the different intelligences and training comes by doing a lot of different jobs, where you have to use different intelligences.

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Leadership of one self

The human brain enables all of us who do not suffer from serious deficiencies to use our intelligences and exercise leadership on a small or larger scale. However, it is necessary to be able to control oneself, or in other words “lead” oneself, in order to be able to lead others.

Else Marie Pedersen, Denmark 

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