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Climate change is the greatest environmental threat facing humanity. Constant and disproportionate emissions of gases by industrialized countries, among other abuses of natural resources, are causing major changes in global climate. Its consequences affect mainly the developing countries and result in floods, drought, hurricanes and all kinds of natural disasters that leave the population helpless and without means to survive.
Climate change is one of the great threats of our time, not only for nature and the extinction of species, but also for man. Although the effects of climate change are noticeable across the globe, they do not affect all populations alike.
In the Climate Change Activist Program of the Richmond Vale Academy, you will learn and teach along with people from all over the world and — what's the most important task nowadays for a Climate Activist — contributing to create awareness, spreading the knowledge about Climate Change and Global Warming in the communities, and specific in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.
Our team of Climate Activists are already carrying out their corresponding activities with the program. Here we present the activities that have been carried out the last couple of weeks:

Week 3: Digging Deeper – 14th to the 20th of November
  Morning Afternoon Evening
Monday Morning Class about:
The USA election and
Basic climate science:
Climate Change and the
Basic climate science:
What Now? Responding
to Climate Change
We go over
the poster
about our
to this period.
Tuesday Common action Local impact on Climate
Change in St. Vincent.
A field trip in the North
We blogging
Wednesday Morning Class about:
We go over the period:
“Digging Deeper”
We decide the proposed
plan or change it.
We discus our
expectations to this
period. We make posters.
Course: Ways to propa-
gate trees. We set our
first Papaya seeds.
3pm: Course about tree
Thursday Food production Responsibility groups
1 hour course by Luke
about Energy Trees
Common Meeting
Friday Morning Class about:
How far are we with
Renewable energy
We go to Kingstown for
shopping $$$$$$$$$$$
We go to Kingstown for
shopping $$$$$$$$$$
Saturday Course: We go trough our
garden and forest to be
enlighten by Amos
Individual studies in
tree spices we will plant.
Presentation from each
Board games
in Rose bank
Sunday Common trip to Falls of belaine  
Week 4: Digging Deeper – 21th to the 27th of November
  Morning Afternoon Evening
Monday Morning Class about:
The war in Syria
Field trip: Wallilabou
propagation station.
We eat lunch at
Walilabou Restaurant
(20 ec p/p)
Field trip to forestry.
We learn about the
work they do to protect
our nature reserves.
Tuesday Common action Course: Bio-char and its
wonders to fight Climate
Wednesday Morning Class about:
Energy independence
Why is trees important in
a changing climate – the
adaptation and mitigation
values of tree planting.
Studies are done in the
study-groups. Discussion
in the team.
Field trip to the Taiwan
Agriculture station
about tree propagation
and compost factory.
We leave 12.30.
Bill for
Thursday Food production Responsibility groups
Common Meeting
Friday Morning Class about:
Peoples Movements
Course: Practical course in
how to graft trees
We continue grating
Start of the
weekend. We
organiZe the
tasks among
Saturday Building Weekend
Sunday Building Weekend.  

The Climate Change Activist Program and the Fighting With the Poor Program have a number of activities to be done during the month.. Here we present the schedule of the activities that will be carried out by both teams throughout the month of November.

Week schedule

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
7.00 Breakfast  
7.45 Cleaning  
8.30-9.30 Morning Class Common Action Morning Class Food production Morning Class Team program 9.00 Breakfast
9.30-12.00 Team program Team program Team program Own program
12.00 Lunch 13 Lunch
13.00-16.00 Team Program Team program Team program Resp. groups / Common meeting Team program Team program Own program
16.00 Own program / sport / beach / hike
18.00 Dinner
19.00-21.00   Team program Documentary Team meeting, planning next w Game night Cultural Evening  
21.00- Own program

Finally, we invite you to join our programs at Richmond Vale Academy. It is time to begin to contribute your bit to save our planet. Invite your friends, family or anyone you want. Now, the important thing is that we all learn not only to take care of our planet, but also to help those who need it most.
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