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Development Instructor in Belize The children were very happy about the project and we received many thank you letters regarding the playground.

During the project in Belize and Ecuador, the Development Instructors have the chance to leave their mark on the village and the people with a special project. The special project can be anything that is benefiting the village and not just each family. Among the three development instructors in Belize 2016 we had several good ideas, we were bouncing ideas back and forth between each other. Ideas such as trying to get a garbage collection system, bartering club, library and  welcome signs to the villages. We discussed with the Humana team what would be good options for the people in the two villages we were working with. In the end we came up with three really good projects with will make the villages and each of the families that we were working with remember us for a long time.

Manal’s special project was to plant 55 fruit trees around the schools and at the families that we were working with. With the help from our project leader, Pantaleon Escobar, the project went smoothly. Manal collected ten different variety of fruit trees in Silk Grass in Stan Creek about 3 hours drive from our village. She was able to transport the trees to the villages where the families were waiting patiently. Together we went to San Miguel and had a planting action with our families. Several of the families wanted the trees at their farm rather close to their house. The family that we lived with in Silver Creek received two trees. Baha had many brilliant ideas on what he wanted to do as a special project, but with the minimum time and less recourses he decided also on a tree project.

Moringa tree is also known as the Miracle tree. The miracle tree has very many health benefits and can be used for various things. It had several vitamin and mineral benefits as well as curing many diseases from high blood pressure and high blood sugar levels to the common cold and migraine as well increasing your iron levels. That's why the people say is miracle tree. Baha planed 160 seedlings were 140 came out. Baha distributed a tree to all the families that we worked with in San Miguel, and all the families in Silver Creek, along with the tree he also gave the families information about the health benefits as well as cooking recipes for the tree.  

My special project was to build a playground using recycled materials such as old car tires, bamboo and pallets. The children in the village are very precious for all of us and at the end we get close to them, therefore I want to give them a place where they are able to play in a safe area and just be a child. We dug holes in the ground so that the car tires would be used as a form of running balance game, the bamboo was set up as a balance and climb up and over to the car tires and in the end we put up a monkey bar.

The children were very happy about the project and we received many thank you letters regarding the playground. For us giving something back to the villages and communities that we worked and lived so closely with for the past six months it was a good feeling to have such positive feedback. We were grateful for the experience, the challenges and all the hard work that we put in to living in the village. The special project is definitely a great way for the villages to remember the Development Instructors that comes. 

Article wrote by Lillian Harkmark Lie from Norway

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