So much to share - So much to learn

Helene-Veldt I love how all the students here even with our differences we still get a long and I am grateful for the different personalities I have met.

My passion is to travel and help people. I finished high school last year and I was not sure of what to study and I wanted follow my passion before I made a decision on what to study, also I wanted to gain some experience. My decision of joining Richmond Vale Academy, Climate Conference was a perfect first step out of school. I can honestly say that I have learnt so much I did not know about before and I am grateful for the experience I have gained here so far.

I am part of the 6 months Climate Compliance Conference; we concentrate on a lot of practical work although we still have some theory studying too. I am now half way through my course and it has been very productive and fun too. We have different periods in this course, first we get to know the school and learn our different responsibilities. Then we have a period called “Making Richmond Vale Academy Climate Compliant” here we had a chance to choose different projects on how to make RVA Climate Compliant.

Our team chose to concentrate on making our own bio-char production, a worm production, a recycling garden and a low cost gutter irrigation system. Now we are in the period called “Making St. Vincent and the Grenadines Climate Compliant”. So far we have made plans and lessons for two schools, which we go to every Thursdays and we teach the children topics about Climate change and how to prevent it. We have participated in encouraging the schools in SVG to register for the treelympics, which is a tree planting activity. We have done beach clean ups and are still going to do some more in this period. We have also helped Sacca, who works in Beach Front Fitz Hughes, he has a project where he buys plastics bottles and cans and then send them to Camden Park where they are recycled, we helped him and the community by going to the different villages and collecting the bottles and cans. By this we also made more people aware of what this project is and how they can help.

On a more personal level, I feel very happy to be here as I feel good about what I have done and what I have contributed in trying to make a change. Also being so far from home, which is Mozambique, has been a challenge but I know I have gained so much and I have become much more independent and learnt how to take care of myself even more. I have grown up learning a lot in how to take care of myself and here I can see how strong I am. There are many benefits that I have gained here that it would take too long to read but I especially like how we the students take care of the school, we do the cleaning, we take care of the kitchen, we organize culture events and we plan the garden.

I have gotten to meet so many different people from different countries and different backgrounds. I like how we have so much to share and so much to learn. Also the people from St. Vincent, they are very kind and it has been an amazing opportunity for me to get to know them and hearing about their lives and learning so much from them.

I love how all the students here even with our differences we still get a long and I am grateful for the different personalities I have met and for the stories that I have heard so far. I can definitely see that my personality has grown more than I expected it to. I have always been a shy person but here I have learnt to put myself out there and to speak, not just listen.

Helena Veldt
The St. Vincent Climate Compliance Conference 2012 - 2021
Team 6.

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