Significant Experience at the Chateaubelair Farmers Market

After we had an investigation week, travelling across the island, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, we identified some problems about the trading of the basic products that farmers produce at the Chateaubelair Farmers Market.

[caption id="attachment_6549" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Farmers Market Photo Credit: Richmond Vale Academy.

Farmers Market

Farmers Market

One of the big problems we could identify was that the farmers had to travel to the capital to sell their products.

And, this is because they don’t have too many places where to sell and buy their productions.

So, we decided to start a local Farmers Market in North Leeward, in Chateaubelair.

And since that point, we built tables for the farmers and got a tent.

There, we made some workshops like, organic fertilizer and organic pesticides.

Also, workshops of sub products production from the basic production farm, like jam, dry fruits, and so on.

Grateful Experience

agitation-day-03It has been very interesting to see trading in its even more simple expression.

Also, seeing farmers exchanging products among them, buying some watermelons and selling some garlic, buying some bananas and selling some sweet potatos, and so on.

With this we are reactivating the economy of the village.

And, working together step by step.

The farmers market is a huge project that includes social development, volunteering, and helping with the mitigation of climate change.

Besides, this project is generating income to the small farmers, helping society integration, and enhancing the organic agriculture.

Farmers Market

Also, is reducing transportation pollution while giving a local space for trading, and many more benefits for the community.

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