Rap and Movie for Vincy Gold Medal Winnners!

Austin Austin with some of the school children

The TreeLympics went on for two years respectively 2014 and 2015 where St. Vincent and the Grenadines won Gold for being the most Active Country. Being a small country SVG won the third category in this competition: to plant with the highest percentage of participating schools.

During those years planting with more than 100 schools and community groups, the “Austin Cain Rap” was performed numerous times to cheer up the children and teachers.

The Austin Cain Rap

Austin: What are you
Children: The Future of St. Vincent

Austin: What do you like to do
Children: Plant trees

Austin: Why
Children: To save our lives

Austin: Who Are You
Children: We are the Spirit of St Vincent

Austin: And what do you need to do
Children: Study, Learn, Exercise and build

Austin: What do you want to build
Children: A bridge to the future
That is so very strong
With a love for each other
Like the sweetest birds song
St Vincent St Vincent HOOORAYYY


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