Quotes from the November 2020 team of what they did before coming, why they came and what plan they have for the future

Students from the November 2020 team My intuition told me that this was the right step for me

What did you do before coming here?

  • 7 graduated from high school and worked to save up
  • 1 finished a BA degree
  • 1 a journalist and social worker
  • 3 worked as an economist, cook and waitress.
  • 1 returned from travelling
  • 1 teaching English as a foreign language

Students from the November team

What made you take the decision to join?

  • That it is about environment and living sustainable
  • The courses specifically about Permaculture
  • The challenge to return to school
  • Skip the winter in Canada
  • It was a possibility to go abroad despite the Covid19
  • It was the only program I found that addresses climate change and wanted to fight it
  • The six months program was in comparison with other programs praised on the internet and also not expensive
  • I wanted a program where I could study and learn more about climate change as a complete beginner to it
  • I chose RVA because of the educational aspect combined with the practical part. I really like how not only do we learn, we apply our learning to a project afterwards
  • The final deciding factor was the location of course! Who wouldn’t want to study on an island in the Caribbean (-:
  • Long term project (not only 1 month)
  • Convincing and interesting organization/project
  • I wanted a long term program that would allow for more in depth learning
  • I was interested in learning how to become more sustainable
  • I like gardening
  • The place looked beautiful to me
  • Connection of social and ecological background
  • Completely different culture and English speaking – I needed to know if this could be something for the rest of my life. I wanted inspiration to find out what I really wanted in life – basically Change my Life!
  • I came to visit here some time back, got a tour and liked the school
  • I was looking for volunteering work in the Caribbean, this was the only ecological Climate Change one I found
  • I have family in St Vincent and I wanted to meet them
  • Communication with people from previous groups were very positive
  • Coronavirus status – few cases in St Vincent
  • Length of the program
  • The informative skype meetings with staff
  • The description of the whole programme step by step
  • The value I would get in relation to the price
  • I was attracted to the whole concept of making gardens with people who needed it more than anyone else
  • In my family we always had a garden so I wanted to learn more about permaculture ideas and principles to renew myself
  • As a journalist I wanted to use the acquired knowledge about Global Warming and Climate Change and write about it – more people need to know about the reality
  • I wanted to do something active after high school
  • The climate is an important factor in everyone’s life and I think it was about time I educated myself in how to have a more sustainable life style
  • The warm climate and the close by of the sea was a great bonus
  • My intuition told me that this was the right step for me
  • I wanted to learn more about permaculture and climate change and these were the things that stood out in this program
  • This program was not as expensive as others and then it was exactly what I had been looking for

Students from the November team 

What are your plans after this?

  • Travel more if it works out with Covid. Maybe start studying in autumn, something related to the environment, sustainability etc.
  • Work in an organic farm in Quebec
  • I am not sure what I am going to do. Maybe I will work some time for Deathlon or volunteer in Germany before I start studying in October
  • I plan to head back to the United States for some time and work for a local non-profit organization. I want to work with disadvantaged youth in the community and possibly teach ESL for Spanish speaking students. I’d love to start some kind of permaculture garden where youth and children could come and learn more about gardening and nature in general
  • I want to travel more and not fly home immediately. I would love to see more of the Caribbean islands and Latin America like Costa Rica
  • I am unsure at this point, but perhaps I will take the knowledge and experiences I have gained here and try to find a job at home that requires similar skills
  • I want to study urban development, perhaps go into politics to change the current agriculture system in Germany. Start my own garden and give classes in permaculture when I gain more experience
  • I want to become a nurse and then volunteer my time making vegetable gardens
  • I want to travel in South America and later do a workaway with permaculture. I am not going back to my old job/life
  • Going back to the states and visiting some friends and family. I might travel around the Caribbean or South America directly before that
  • Maybe I want to travel some more and then I will begin studying
  • I am open minded about the future, since I realize that my view of life is drastically changing here with everything that we learn, but as an idea, I was thinking about doing a workaway in Switzerland, related to permaculture and meanwhile apply for a job with an NGO. But who knows?
  • I would like to stay another couple of months to help out here at RVA. Next year in October I will start studying some kind of environment, ecological agriculture specifically around permaculture
  • I have not decided, but I want to continue working as a journalist writing for magazines – maybe working with an NGO using my acquired skills from RVA

 Students from the November team

Greetings from the November team - Ages between 18 and 46 – average age 23.

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