Promotion Of Action


Richmond Vale Academy organizes different activities addressed to the St. Vincent’s community.

For example beach and river clean ups, local farmers markets or healthy diet education. These actions aim to attract interest on local environmental problems such as littering along streets, beaches, and rivers.

Boost the local economy introducing small farmers' market and prioritize healthy food consumption instead of processed and imported food.

In order to achieve our goals, we have to focus on a positive and productive way to reach the Vincentians. Construct a network and a bond with the community, knowing their life and understanding their needs and difficulties are key steps to be successful.

Before going out and spreading our message in the street, we work on producing flyers, posters, banners and images to send out the information easily.

This is a creative and group work initiative that gives you the opportunity to test your management and leadership skills. When we are happy with the results, we jump on the school’s jeep and “fly” to the villages near the Academy. This is the most important part of our promoting action: go around in small groups, two or three people.

The population is extremely friendly, sociable and with small but constant efforts, it is possible to catch their attention. The presence of Selwyn is a great help to break the ice and communicate with the locals. He is one of our teachers and a great Vincentian that constantly works to provide a better future for his community. He is well known in almost every village in St. Vincent and his smiling face is the best business card for Richmond Vale Academy.

During this month, all the events mentioned above we made and I learned how to be active among the Vincentians: be with them and talk with them is the best way to promote an action.

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