No drugs No Alcohol

No drugs No AlcoholThe frames of the school

In order to ensure the best possible conditions for the programs at Richmond Vale Academy, the Teacher Council has from the start set frames regarding alcohol and drug use while in the program:

1.Nobody who participates in a course can take alcohol while carrying out the program. This also applies when traveling to or from home travel.

2.Nobody who participates in a course can be involved with euphoriant or narcotic substances. This applies whether you are at school, traveling, on home travel, or in Central or Latin America during travel and work periods. In short, it applies all the time.

3.Former drug users must have been free of heavy drugs for a minimum of 18 months before the course starts.

* A participant who does not comply with the drug and alcohol frame is no longer on the course. *

The main arguments for this decision are: Re. 1) and 2) Learning about and investigating the present-day reality is both physically and mentally demanding, and so is taking action as a consequence hereof. Drugs and alcohol will be a hindrance to the implementation of the program and an impediment to the social life and comradeship between people during the course. Moreover, the program takes place in countries with severe punishments for possession of drugs, and the projects where you will work in Central or Latin America have strict rules against alcohol or drugs.

Re. 3) The experiences of the school and its participants have shown that students who have been drug addicts have the best possibilities of completing the course to their full benefit when they have been free of drugs for a longer duration before the course.

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