NEWS: St. Vincent is also Marching Against Monsanto!

SVG Against MonsantoOn Saturday May 21st. 2016, we will gather with all invited organizations, guests and interested parties; in front of the Court House in Kingstown, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The IRM goals are to make this an Edutaining day in which facts, information, are discussed and shared in order to raise national attention to the dangers of GMO's and their use in SVG.

In collaboration with the Organizers of the March Against Monsanto, Richmond Vale Academy, Student leaders of the SVG Community College; the IRM 's ultimate goal is to have St. Vincent & the Grenadines be heard, not only on a local level but by others around the world, who are struggling to end Monsanto's domination of our planet's food supply in seeds.

We hope you will join the IRM in this Global Event.

We will be conducting general public meetings in the near future to ensure this event is inclusive of all stakeholders. All will be encouraged and invited to attend and participate.

Stay tuned to local Radio Station, and the Facebook page “March Against Monsanto - S t . Vincent & the Grenadines”.

For more information about the event contact: IRM Directors, Ras Andre Liverpool 784-593-4752 & Ras Yacob 784 454-7279

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March Against Monsanto