New Climate Compliance Book

We are just about to finish the first Climate Compliance Conference book and we are happy to share the introduction with you;


Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, after years of climate change related effects, was devastated by the severe weather disasters of 2010 and 2011. In response, Richmond Vale Academy (RVA) took decisive action by initiating a program called "The Saint Vincent Climate Compliance Conference 2012 – 2021" (CCC).

The CCC aims to bring people together to identify and undertake concrete climate change adaptation projects.

Established in 2002, RVA is a registered non-profit research and education institution situated in the Chateaubelair area of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG). Since opening, students from this country and from around the world have participated in courses centered on poverty reduction, environmental conservation and climate change awareness. The Academy's educational programs give students the opportunity to directly influence positive change on the environment and in communities.

As a consequence of its actions, RVA has been the catalyst that motivates and mobilises - both students and local community members - to build resilience into their lives; whilst simultaneously developing themselves personally, academically and socially.

Since 2012, the school is honored to have hosted in excess of 250 local and international students that have been divided in 15 work and study teams. Each student has participated in CCC research activities and completed a variety of climate change adaptation projects while working with the residents of St. Vincent. It is fair to say that without the dedication, courage and ambition of these people, the Academy would not be as far along as it is.

Believing that everyone should be given the opportunity to participate, irrespective of their circumstances, the CCC program works with a diverse range of stakeholders ranging across cultural, social and economic boundaries. Participating members include local community and family members, international volunteers, community organisations, institutions as well as government bodies.

During these first five years, the CCC has impacted upon the lives of 50.000 people in Saint Vincent and abroad.

This program has been the platform of need, from which a springboard of hope has been built; to enable and empower several groups and communities. People have dived into action for positive climate change, from 2012 to 2016:

  • 25.000 trees have been planted.
  • Farmers have been supported by using more sustainable agriculture techniques.
  • 15.000 students across SVG have been taught hundreds of lessons.
  • 20.000 climate compliance newspapers have been produced and distributed.

Furthermore, lessons on global warming and climate change have been given to 3.000 people visiting the Academy and to another 5.000 students and teachers at universities and colleges in Colombia, Guyana, Costa Rica, USA, England, Germany, Denmark, Norway, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and Jamaica.

It is, therefore, because of our dedication to climate change adaptation that we have chosen to celebrate our achievements and to share the lessons learned by writing this book. Within it, you will learn of the reasons for the program, its methodology and its application; along with the outcomes gained and the distance travelled over the past 5 years and our vision and plans for the next 5 years.

We hope you enjoy reading it.

Teachers and Students of The Climate Compliance Teams