Meet the Students

Casey, age 24 from Hong Kong

“Living in a big city life I’ve seen how wasteful we are and how we are so bound by this dependent way of living. I’m looking forward to learning at RVA to make a change personally and to bringing it back to my community.”


casey_optSara, age 27 from U.S.A.
“I came to RVA because I really wanted to travel and try something new. I also thought it would be a good opportunity to participate in positive and meaningful change. Some of the things that I enjoy are hiking and camping, reading, animals and live music.”

Sam, age 24 from England
“I have travelled from the U.K. in order to pursue my passion in gaining knowledge about the environment. My interests lie in the outdoors, hiking, climbing, slacklining, and diving.”


Lilith, age 21 from Germany
“I came to RVA to learn more about gardening and global climate change and to take that knowledge back home with me to pass it on to other people.”

Kwakou, age 19 from U.S.A.
“I’m from Washington D.C. and I’ve decided to come to RVA because I want to learn more about being self-sufficient and making a positive impact on my environment. My ultimate goal in life is to be a drive for improvement in today’s society. When I look around I don’t see enough awareness about climate change and global warming. RVA is a program that is geared towards bringing more awareness to these issues and that is why I’m here.”


Malte, age 17 from Germany
“I like sports, music and computer games. I am currently looking for an apprenticeship as an IT specialist for system integration, but sadly I did not find an apprenticeship place this year which is why I had lots of free time. But I chose the Climate Compliance Team because starting a few years ago I became really interested in helping to fight climate change. Combine my free time with my interest and the benefits that I get from being here, like improving my English, getting to know a whole new culture, and you can see why I was more than eager to join this program. But I think the best part of the program are the people, because you meet people from all around the world and they are more than willing to discuss and share all kinds of things!”



Merijn, age 29 from Belgium
“The last couple of years I felt a growing need to do something about climate change. This motivates me to change my lifestyle bit by bit, in the favour of a more sustainable way of living. At RVA I have the possibility to do just that! The academy has started to grow a permaculture garden. Here I can develop and experiment with the techniques. Maybe I’ll even start a farm back in Belgium.”


Jesper, our teacher from Denmark
“I am born in Denmark. I have been living in St. Vincent for 10 years. I was part of starting up Richmond Vale Academy in 2007. I am passionate about teaching and living sustainably. I love to share my knowledge and learn from people who participate in our programs. I am a teacher and income manager at Richmond Vale Academy. I work with our commercial farm and Diving and Hiking Center. I love to dive and teach and introduce people to the underwater world.”


Students come from 20 different countries in Latin America, Caribbean, Africa, Asia, North America and Europe!
SeulBee Lee, South Korea: "I was studying child welfare in university, I want to go to Ecuador and work for children. It is easy for people to forget that children also have rights, and that is the reason why I want to work with them. I know we cannot change the whole world at once, but important thing is we are trying to do something here all together. In this way we are going to make a change."

Nadhia & Lina from Brazil
Baha from Jordan

Ari from Chile and Elisabeth from Belgium

Jasper from Belgium

Carandre from St. Vincent

Lillian from Norway

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