Life at RVA - Breaking Cultural Paradigms

life-at-rva Here at RVA you will often meet people from different continents, so you can see how different just the way you clean something is

At RVA we are part of something bigger than just one traditional school, we also have we join different programs as well, the two larger programs we have are “Fighting Poverty” and “Climate Compliance”, we have classes and presentations, the life in the school it's based on the community, that means we share in the same way different classes, where we need to learning different skills, not just theory, we are learning about gardening, cooking, environmentally friendly cleaning, and a lot of other different things we must to do together, and in this process we start to learn about our different cultures, history, and way of life.

Here at RVA you will often meet people from different continents, so you can see how different just the way you clean something is. To start to understand each other and the world is not just you and your way in this world, it is so much more.

Like how we learn about each other, we need to live together, share space together, we talk about life together, and sometimes it is not easy, you are with the same people all the time, and you may get upset and want to be alone, but in time we can understand and accept each other and the situation. In general we have this idea of a perfect world, but we are far from that. It is no closer to the perfect life than anywhere else, but when you have a bad moment, or you are just tired, maybe you just need to accept and understand it is like that, and you don’t need to do anything more. You don’t need to judge, criticize or be angry because this people are doing something different to what do you think must be done.

Something we learning really clear in majority of the world, is about how be competitive, be the winner and the judge, we judge everything what we can but nobody explains that sometime the best medicine is respect yourself- time, and nobody will telling you that one bigger smile is more effective to one mental judge, mean generate good vibes and give happiness, it's accept and left the control.

One of the challenges living in a community is to respect our differences, culture, time, and how we express ourselves in front to each other….and accept, accept to change nothing, accept because there is nothing more you can do or need to do, and as ridiculous as it all sounds, by accepting in this way we show our happiness, not judging but rather, learning with each other to be free of our own cultural paradigms.

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