Learning through Expressive Art

Manal-web One of my favorite topics was expressive art

As students in the “Fighting with the poor” program at Richmond Vale Academy, we are expected to do a number of different studies. This is so that we can leave the program with a certificate from One World University. These studies include many different topics that are not only important and useful for us as development instructors, but as individuals who feel responsible to make this world a better place.

Some of these topics are related to poverty and the reasons behind it. Others talk about climate change and the environment. There are also studies about leadership and health. One of my favorite topics was expressive art. For example, one of the tasks asked us to write a short story, a song or a poem. To me this was interesting because I never thought about coming up with story or poem before. So here I would like to share the story I wrote.

The Story of the Universe

One day the universe decided to create itself. It gave life to itself and made everything alive with its energy of love and its energy of nature. It decorated itself with swirling galaxies, filling them with stars, moons and planets. Its love was so bright and big that it even created life on many of its plants.

But there came a time when the universe sensed that something was wrong. It was not feeling very happy. That is when it found out that one of its planets was very sick. The planet was being attacked by one of its own! The universe came to understand that there came some sort of a new species who thought that they owned this planet for themselves. They thought that they had the right to kill and abuse the other species sharing the planet with them.

So, they did not only divide themselves between other species but also divided themselves into levels. Also, changed the laws of energy with their technologies. And manipulated the laws of nature. They over populated themselves; toxifying the air, emptying the oceans, drying the rivers, destroying the soils and the seeds of life.

Also they forced other species to be owned by them and to work for them. They cut down entire forests, chopping down the homes of other species for their own good. Then, they killed, slaughtered and enslaved many different species, also just for their own benefit. They changed the cycle of life, savagely destroying the energies the universe blessed the planet with. And they forgot how precise and rare these energies were. They even killed each other over some of these energies.

What shocked the universe the most is that not only did these species control these blessings, but they did not share with all. They created a gap between themselves where a few enjoyed and over consumed, while others suffered from deprivation from the essentials of living.

They created a method of exchange, which they called money, where the gap between them depended on the amount of money they had. Where few had power and control over the division of money. Killing each other over the power of money, they created borders between each other and then also killed each other over them.

It was clear to the universe that this species was making the planet very sick. It was spreading sadness and helplessness as well as greed and selfishness. But it knew that if they didn’t do anything to stop this sickness, the planet itself would treat itself by getting rid of them in its own way. But through this, every other innocent species would be threatened.

The universe knew that the species were blessed with the knowledge to treat the planet. That deep inside them they know that they need to share this planet and live in harmony with other species. It just knew that they needed to remember who they really were and where they came from. And that when they did, they would come together to fight to save their home as it was only in their hands.

By Manal 

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