Learning the Language of Horses

Johnny's Journey

I want to thank you for the opportunity of learning the language of horses. My experience with horses was an amazing one. It was full of knowledge, patience, control and observation. It was thrilling from the start, because it is about connecting —in a deep and very spiritual way— with another form of life.

Learning the language of horses was very similar to learning any other language, like Portuguese or English. I completely forgot that I was learning how to comunicate with another species and just started to understand the horse's language.

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Horses, and any other form of life, communicate with their body. Understanding their language is trying to make sense out of their expressions. How they move their ears or what they are looking at; how they move. Every detail says something. It is very much like people! Words only make up 10% of our communication. Our bodies speak for us 70% of the time and the remaining 20% goes with how we say things, rather than what we say.

I now understand the depth of the horses' language and why I felt so comfortable with them. Connecting with the horse in his language is very pure. You need not to pay attention to words or how they are being said, but just how the body moves.

Horses express their inner world with their body.

A very good experience! I look forward to more lessons.

Thank you very much Stina

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