In The Making: New Amazing RVA's Rainwater Storage

The Richmond Vale Academy’s project to collect St. Vincent’s heavy supply of rainfall into rainwater storage is already under construction.

Rainwater Harvesting

[caption id="attachment_6558" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Rainwater West-side view of the reservoir now under construction.

Is a fact that for every millimeter of rain that falls on a square meter area, a liter of water is available for collection.

This premises have been the key motivation behind Richmond Vale Academy’s project to collect St. Vincent’s heavy supply of rainfall into water storage tanks.

Most necessary in the heavy rainy season running between August and November on the island of St. Vincent.

Today, 1350 m2 of Richmond Vale Academy’s rooftop collects rainwater to supply 19 rooms and their occupants.

And, this storage is the water source for WCs and showers, as partially provide water for the organic garden.

Besides, the roof area is about 40 percent of Richmond Vale’s total and any excess water that overflows the water tanks is lost.

This is why it's time for the Richmond Vale Academy to take its rainwater-harvesting system to another level.

New Rainwater Storage

We, the Climate Compliance Team 13, are building what would be a reservoir.

This one will collect and store the excess rainwater the current tanks are unable to store.

And, with about dimensions of a 100 m2 total surface area and the greatest depth of 2m, the proposed reservoir should be able to hold about 200,000 liters of water at largest capacity.

This is more than enough to supply the organic garden with 100 percent of its water needs.

[caption id="attachment_6559" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Rainwater Dam wall on the North-side of the reservoir.

There are many things new with the reservoir layout and pipe connections to the tank now done.

For example, the forthcoming phases of the reservoirs that are deeper for about another 0.9 meters.

Also, smoothed out the base of the reservoir, complete the dam reinforcement and lay out plastic material on the reservoir bed.

All this to avoid water loss through seepage.

Because our plan is to dedicate an entire building weekend to do these actions.

After which, the Climate Compliance team would allow the reservoir to collect rainwater for a couple of weeks, before laying a final pipeline with a pump (with an l/s capacity) linking the reservoir to the organic garden’s water system.

And voilà, with any luck have a fully functioning rainwater reservoir.

Future planes

The Richmond Vale Academy (RVA) management teams also hopes to connect more of RVA’s rooftops to this system.

Or possibly build an extra reservoir in another area of the compound to cater for our Passion Fruit field.

But these are still at an infant stage, and will be a future project to another RVA members (potentially you, reading this now) could work on.

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