Humana "Pueblo a Pueblo" Project Report Jan-Jun 2016

FWTP Magdy During the first six months of the Child Aid project in Loja we have involved approx. 4,000 families.

Ecuador’s "Humana Pueblo a Pueblo" is a nonprofit foundation that began to work in June 2007. To boost the development project of the Ecuadorian communities with fewer resources.
During the first six months of the Child Aid project in Loja we have involved approx. 4,000 families which in total benefits approx. 20,000 people.
The project has contributed to improve the family´s economy, increasing their self sufficiency through their involvement in the income generating activities such as: implementing organic family gardens using organic fertilizers; small animals breeding programs like chickens, pigs and tilapia-fish.
These activities have been carried out thanks to the training and practical support provided by our project team. The families have had the support of 17 Area & Co-Project Leaders to successfully do the programed project activities.

We have also implemented health training for the prevention of infectious diseases such as chikungunya and dengue, both which have growing incidences in our area of intervention.

During this first 6 months, our activities to foster community development have been developed in three municipalities: Celica, Paltas and Macará.
In Celica we have been working in four areas, two are part of the municipality center (Celica 1 and Celica 2) and two are rural parishes (Pozul and Sabanilla).
In Paltas we have been working in 6 parishes: Catacocha, Lourdes, San Antonio, Lauro Guerrero, Yamana, and Guachanamá.
In Macará we have the head office to coordinate the strategies in Loja as well as working with families in an experimental plot.
During 2016, we continue to focus on the following lines within the Child Aid Community Development Project in Loja:

1) Strengthening the economy of the family 2) Food security 3) Access to water for agriculture4) Children and youth active in the society 5) Environment6) Community Development.
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