How we keep our Home Clean

Dinner table Every morning we take time after breakfast and before we start the rest of the day to clean the school.

Here at Richmond Vale academy we have many beautiful and brilliant people constantly moving and working to make our community as lovely and productive as possible. This leads to a lot of dirt and debris getting swept all over the place. Bathrooms get mucky and spiders take up roost any place their web will stand.

When unattended entropy reigns and it becomes very dirty very fast. This could either be a very stressful situation or a huge expense if we had to pay people to clean the entire school every day. Instead we work as a community to keep the school clean. Obvious things like not leaving dishes around and not letting trash make it's way into the surrounding environment are very important.

What is integral though is that every single person has an area that they are responsible for. Every morning we take time after breakfast and before we start the rest of the day to clean the school. Every one is an area to clean and to continuously watch over throughout the week to make sure it is maintained, and not disruptive to other work and the activities of the school. This works really well because we cut down on expenses, we all have to take responsibility, and everybody keeps each other accountable. This is the same with every thing at the school, everybody keeps a lookout to make sure everything that is needed is taken care of and everybody gives suggestions at the common meeting on how to make the process more efficient.

There is also another thing about how we clean that is very different. We don't use any chemical cleaners, instead we use vinegar as a natural cleaner for all of our cleaning. Vinegar is much cheaper that other cleaners and it is not poisonous to humans whatsoever.

Another part of cleaning here at RVA is the dishes. We take turns assigning a couple people to work in the kitchen each day, this way every single person works in the kitchen and the job of doing the dishes is spread evenly. When it comes to cleaning there is another thing that we do differently. When we do the dishes we conserve water by washing and rinsing the dishes in tubs instead of using a constant stream of water.

These two things make a huge difference. We greatly reduce costs because we don't have to use expensive cleaners and we don't have to pay for as much water. We also keep chemicals out of the soil and by saving water we can focus more resources on the garden which gives us salad and fruit every day.

When everyone is working together like this and you can obviously see the difference it makes the cleaning worthwhile and fulfilling.

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Global Goal 14: Life Below Water