How to make a Tree Planting Action

How to make a Tree Planting Action

A brief introduction how to organize a tree planting action

The tree planting actions are events of our program where we go out and plant trees at specific locations. We do this with the help of local groups and people. But before such a planting action can happen, there is a lot of preparation to be done. First, you have to choose the villages you want to plant in and look for local groups which might be interested in working alongside with you. After you found one, try to establish a relationship with them and inform them of our future plans. If they are interested in it, you start doing surveys in the village. This entails asking the people what trees they want/need at which locations and if they would be interested in helping out. Additionally, if they are interessted, you should ask for their contact information so you can inform them about coming planting actions.

Now that you finished your survey, you have to look at the suggested areas yourself to determine how many trees of which kind. This includes the one's that were suggested/requested that you should plant there. Then you have to get the trees, either by raising or by buying them. But because raising trees takes a lot of time, it is recommended to have a list of trees beforehand. Choose them carefully, because each tree has different benefits and is suited for different areas. By now, you have done a lot of work. But the hardest part has yet to come.

Planning and organizing the planting action yourself. You have to agree with the local group when they think it would be the best time to do a planting action and see if it fits into your schedule. When the date is set, you have to promote your planting actions. Make posters and hang them up and go around telling people about it. The day before the planting action it is time to prepare drinks and snacks. Snacks help keep the spirits for another planting action high. And on the day of the planting action your trees, tools, snacks and drinks must be ready.

Congratulations, you are now ready to do a planting action! Doing a planting action requires a tremendous amount of effort. The more people that show up and are interested, the more satisfying and rewarding the planting action will be. Of course, unexpected events can happen and delays/cancellations of your planting action. But it is important to not lose your spirit. Not only are you doing good for the environment, but you are also helping the people of that village!

By Malte, Climate Compliance Conference Team #14

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