brendax900 Brenda Roberts : How to make a coconut cup and a bowlie

In Troumaca, a village in Saint David Parish, the North Leeward side of St. Vincent, there is a home-garden shaped like a sun. Tomatoes, lettuce, okra, beans, corn, basil, asparagus, pineapples, barbados cherry, soursop… from very common crops to rare ones in St. Vincent, a variety of vegetables and fruits are growing vigorously. Rabbits and their parents live nearby the garden and produce manure every day. An abandoned banana field next to the garden has green and brown mulch. A new water tank to connect rainwater was installed. The garden doesn't know any chemicals. By the way, who is the owner of the sustainable, ecological, and beautiful garden?

Her name is Brenda Roberts. She decided to be a farmer influenced by her mother. Thanks to her, Brenda got so addicted to farming that she didn't think to get another kind of job at all. In 1981, she and her partner, Percy Jocelyn started farming together in Rosehall, a village close to Troumaca and the highest in St. Vincent. Currently, they have a field for coconuts and plantain, two commercial farms, and the sun-shaped organic garden for themselves. From morning to evening, they spend about seven hours for farming every day. The crops harvested for themselves are mainly cooked as salad or juice. Beet juice made by Brenda brings out the best in beets .

"Little a piece of cutlass and scraper are my thing." "I love farming. I really enjoy it." She told us with a big smile, shining like a sun.

Let's take over traditional craft in SVG !
Brenda learned how to make coconut cups and calabash bowlie from her handcraft teacher. One day, she shared the skills through a workshop. Based on her advice and experiences, we made it. Why don't you make your own vessel?

How to make a coconut cup
Peeled coconut
Thin sand paper
Thin saw
Wooden glue


1. Scrape surface of coconut with a knife

2. Make it smoother with a piece of sand paper

3. Cut the upper side with a saw to get a piece for foundation

- Be careful not to make the piece too small! Otherwise the foundation of your cup would be unstable.

4. Scrape the white part out with a knife
-This is the hardest part. On the other hand, when you finish this process, you can eat plenty of coconuts as a reward.

5. Make inside smooth with a piece of sand paper

6. Attach the small piece with the main part with wooden glue
-BEFORE attaching them, make a hole in the middle of the small piece to make it stable

​7. Dry it until the foundation gets stable

How to make a bowlie

Vinegar or lemon
Saffron or turmeric


1.Cut a calabash into half with a saw
-It would be nice if you outline.

 2. Scrape white part out with a spoon

​2. Scrape white part out with a spoon

3. Wash the surface of inside with vinegar or lemon

4. Coat the surface with saffron or turmeric

5 .Dry it enough