How to look Great in green

How to look Great in green

Dressing sustainably can be very simple when you know what you’re doing!

Commonly known as eco-fashion, it is the concept of taking into mind the long-term environmental and social impacts of our clothing every day.

But often people don’t know what informed decisions to take in dressing fashionably without impacting the planet.

For many people, this means recycling: instead of throwing away that tee shirt you ruined in the wash, could you make it into something?

Could it become a cute pair of sandals, a pillow case, some cleaning rags, or a pair of socks through some careful stitches? In this article I’m going to give you...


10 steps on how to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

your stuff!


10- Second hand shopping

Instead of going to your favourite high street store go to a vintage store or a charity shop. It’s great for saving money, you might be lucky and find an amazing piece. It’s crazy what people throw away sometimes

9- Get your hands dirty! (don’t be afraid to D.I.Y)

Go online and learn how easy it is to make your own clothes or accessories from recycled and old clothing

8- Shop on Ebay

You can find second hand goods that are still brand new!

7- donate to charity stores

Give back and instead of throwing your old clothes away, someone else might like your unwanted clothing. It’s also a great way to clear space

6- Research eco-friendly brands

There are many affordable and on-trend clothing that are in the fair trade and environmentally sustainable fashion movement. This helps people and the planet!

5- Find clothes with sustainable fabrics

Educate yourself on what your clothes are made from and why it matters! An awareness on the material and their environmental impacts can help us make conscious decisions on what we purchase

4- Clothes swapping

Gather your friends and excess things for a get together and swap unwanted items for things that may want to wear or reuse.

3- Durable clothing!

Buy materials that are high in quality that way they last longer… Also save money ($$$$).

2- Wash on Cold

Wash your clothes on a lower temperature for more greener clothes  ºC

1- Lastly, consider the number of uses for your clothes

Think about “can I wear this in multiple seasons or all year round?” “Can I wear this on a number of multiple occasions?”. Picture your clothes in a number of environments and climates to get the most out of your Purchase!

 Think before you buy, happy shopping! :D


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