Hitchhiking from Georgetown to Chato

Hitchhiking from Georgetown to Chato

By Karolina

After the fair organized by St. Benedict church, Shie-Shie, Ammon and I decided to stay overnight in Georgetown and hike up the volcano the next day. However, due to bad weather conditions we decided to hitchhike instead. The first thing we did in the morning was running to the beach and swimming in the stormy sea. The waves were massive; I am not even kidding! Ammon was hesitating a bit but I knew we could not miss this chance! Shie-Shie was super scared but did not try to stop us. It was really hard to stand when the waves were hitting the shore. After swimming we felt so refreshed.

10:10 we reached the main road and caught a van which speedy brought us all the way down to the capital. It was Sunday morning, so Kingstown was incredibly quiet. We left the city center and tried to get a ride but unfortunately no matter how hard we tried nobody stopped for a while.

To begin with, it is not very common to hitchhike in St. Vincent because if you are stopping a car and asking to give you a lift in most of the cases they will ask you to pay. After many failures, Shie-Shie started to show her communication skills. And then one man stopped for us!!! He was super kind, and kept repeating that we should be extremely careful. Be careful; be very careful in what kind cars are you getting in he said.

One sentence which stuck in my mind was “not everybody who smiles at you, have good intentions towards you” So what is how our hitchhiking adventure started: with parental advice from the local man. Later one truck gave us a ride. It was so cool to stand on the trailer! I would love to repeat it again. That car brought us to the “Spring” village where we got to see Shie-Shie’s boyfriend. And from that place we got another ride.

We had a really good time sharing stories with that family. After reaching Chateau we did not expect to catch a car anymore. So we were sitting on the road and laughing at Shie-Shie jokes. On that day she cheered us up countless times! And believe it or not she convinced one guy to change his destination and bring us back to RVA.

To sum up, the trip was very fruitful not just because we got some plums from an old man in Kingstown, had a chance to taste so called mama’s apple, got two calabashes from a little boy who climbed a tree for us, enjoyed first mangoes: the trip gave us an insight into Vincentians’ way of life.

It showed us that trusting people (of course, to a certain extend) opens many doors, gives you many new perspectives and broadens your horizon in general! 

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