solar-panel-roof1 Our aim is to become fully dependent on Solar Energy

Our Solar Project

As part of the movement for a more sustainable, eco-friendly Richmond Vale, one of the most recent projects we have embarked on is to become dependent on only solar powered energy. The movement within the renewable energy sector in the modern day is rapidly growing, and so its vital, we as a climate centre, divert away from the exploitation of finite and unsustainable energy resources, and begin to produce clean, renewable energy.

Green Movement

The Solar installation project doesn't just promote our mission statement and the production of renewable energy within the Academy, but it acts as an example to the nation as a whole. In the past decade, this sector has had a huge influence on St Vincent, and with Richmond Vale Academy being a leading climate research centre in the Caribbean, its important we help to promote this. Currently, 1.6 billion people, which is a quarter of the global population, do not have access to electricity, with the majority of these people living in developing countries, such as St Vincent. Therefore helping to promote and improve the access of low cost clean energy is a long term goal we continue to work on – including recent installations in community areas and farms.

Solar within Richmond Vale

To become most sustainable – its important to evaluate the type energy production that would be most efficient within the surrounding environment. For example, St Vincent averages 8 sunlight hours a day – with 4 of these being maximum efficiency for solar energy production, therefore the installation of 120 Solar units were optimal, in comparison to the investment of wind turbines with the leeward side of the island, which is deficient in the required wind power to produce enough electricity for the academy.

The solar installation process was a challenging, yet exciting project to become involved with. Learning how to install panels from the first step to the last is a great skill to hold for future development programmes I will work within and so I count myself extremely lucky to have experienced this, and to see the benefits our projects have on the local communities. It is also extremely fascinating that Richmond has now been running on Solar energy for 4 months now, being completely off the grid – something I'm very proud to have helped achieve!

Let the green movement continue!

Conor, March Team 2018