Football Game with Rosebank

Football Game with Rosebank

RVA vs. Rose Bank

This Tuesday, the 17th of January, people from RVA and Rosebank came together to play a game of football. The Climate Compliance team invited the people of Rosebank to come play at RVA’s football field.

Once everyone was ready to play, we had to mix the teams. Only 6 people from RVA played while Rosebank brought over 15 people! One team had more older players, while the other had more young one‘s. But as soon as we started you could see that it was dangerous to underestimate them! My team, the younger one, had a great captain. He was directing his team amazingly and exploiting openings in the enemy's defense every time he saw one.

In the first half of the match, my team was losing. Not by much, we were behind 3:1. They had no captain but showed us that they were more than capable of taking the lead whenever they needed to. And they were scarily fast too! One moment they stood still on their side of the field, and the next they rushed past you with 70km/h (44mph). Ok, I am exaggerating a bit now, but it really was hard to catch up with them.

What also helped them a lot were the people from RVA. All of us put our souls into the game, especially Casey. Since they couldn't remember his name, they just called him "Hong Kong" all the time. This day, Hong Kong gained more attention than it ever did! I am joking of course. Anyway, the people from Rosebank didn't really pass the ball to us in the beginning. As soon as they saw how much we wanted to be part of the game, they started playing as if we had been playing football together for ages. Football, like many sports, is a great opportunity to bring people together. May it be the team of their city or the national one, people will always come together to cheer for their beloved team.

In the second half of the game, we started scoring more and more goals. As soon as the older team started to get tired, the young one started to really shine. Many young players showed exceptional skills in both offense and defense. The older team tried their best to fight back, but in the end, our team won 4:7.

Football connects us!

Everybody enjoyed the game and I felt that our communities grew closer together through a simple football game. You could hear laughter the whole game, whether it be from a stupid mistake or a close call. I personally hadn't played football in a while, even though I had been on a football team for more than 9 years. This game sparked the old football passion of mine. I find myself wanting to play more football with all kinds of different teams! The most important thing about football is not winning. It is having fun with everybody.

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