Soccer-training-rva Training for the soccer match

Whatever your fitness level is when you arrive at Richmond Vale Academy, you can look forward to improving your health, strength and stamina and getting fit for fighting poverty and global warming, by enjoying sports and exercise of many different kinds, individually and with your teammates. Most participants try out their limits on this adventure trip, building both stamina, confidence and comradeship.


Swimming, Ball Sports, Running, Hiking, Yoga, Insanity, are among the chosen sports.

Fitness Center

Towards the end of 2010, the teachers decided to build a fitness center for everyone living at RVA. During 2011 we made several actions and building weekends together and finished the center in August 2011. We completed new bathrooms, showers, built a big terrace, made new floors and painted the corridors. We imported used fitness equipment from USA that includes yoga mats, yoga balls, hand weights and a small variety of fitness machines.

Climate Change in St. Vincent
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