Fishing with locals

Fishing with locals

By Karolina

On Friday I had a very unique experience. Octavian, Christopher, Ammon and I went fishing with locals. We set the time at 16:30, however they were fashionably late. A boat was almost full and the only one I knew there was Tyson.

When I was about to jump into the boat, they gave me a specific look. It was not new for me, I call it “what's that girl doing here?!” However, it did not really bother me.  I could already smell the adventures! I used to go fishing with my father, brother and cousins a lot before, but I have never tried net fishing.
I like watching how people interact with each other here. Locals were speaking very fast with a heavy accent so I barely could understand the content. Their body language showed that they were relaxed and knew what they were doing. Yet for me all the fishing procedures did not seem very well organized. In the beginning we were diving in order to check the place. I did not bring the swimming suit with me, so I just jumped in the water with all my cloths on.

Also, if I had one on I would have done the same because I really do not like this kind of attention in guys company. After checking the place Tyson took a harpoon and caught around 10 lionfish. I was sitting in the boat when they brought the fish in. And when I witnessed one of the most impressive and scary things in St. Vincent so far: the guy took a lionfish by the gills with his bare hands.

Also, I thought he wanted to show off a bit because it was like playing with fire. It was getting dark and we started heading to the place where we put the net. Remember I was saying that I could not understand the language, but when the things with a net went not the way they supposed to, they started swearing and arguing in between themselves what to do. So some of them grabbed lights and dove in the water to scar the fish because the net went too deep. Meanwhile we were sitting in the boat a bit lost without knowing how to contribute to the job they were doing.

Also, on that day I happened to see one of the most beautiful sunsets so far. It is hard to put in words though. When the sun was going down it made everything look golden. We were floating in the golden water. I enjoyed the moment a lot. It got dark very fast. Besides, it was rainy and windy and we were a bit tired. I was sitting there with wet cloths and freezing.

I tried not to concentrate on how cold I was but rather look around. The mountains were shining: they were full of fireflies. In general the surroundings looked so mysterious. But it was too cold, so I could not think of fishing anymore. I was shivering but did not complain.
We took out the net finally. They said they got enough fish. Thus, the fishing process which seemed quite inefficient to me in the beginning, proved to be efficient in its own way.

Also, I am always trying to step back from my prejudice and do not evaluate their culture based on my cultural background.

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