Investigation on Reducing our Waste

fwtp-header Part of the FWP program before going to the project is to learn how to do an investigation and then take action following what we discovered
Part of the FWP program before going to the project is to learn how to do an investigation and then take action following what we discovered. Here is what we do for the investigation part.
We chose to investigate about recycling in zero waste in Saint Vincent. To do so, we asked people around about what is happening in Saint Vincent concerning these issues : calling the different ministries, landfills and shops regarding the products we wanted to focus on. After the pre investigation, we put together a 12 questions survey regarding the issues we wanted to address.

After testing the survey around school, we went to talk to people in town and in different villages. In total, the FWP team interviewed 213 men and women of all ages during one and half day.
Another part of the investigation was to go and see in the different shops about the availibilities and the prices of the different products : soap and shampoo bar in paper packaging, menstrual cup and reusable pads and products to do natural DIY toiletries.
When we were doing the survey, we learned that people don't really know what recycling is since they have just strated to use the garbage truck instead of burning their trash. For the people that really understood the topic, even though they want to do more and believe in recycling, few solutions exist right now in Saint Vincent to recycle properly.
Nevertheless, Saint Vincent's people are doing some good for the environment. Here are so examples : buying local food, growing their own food, picking up trash, reusing plastic bottles and so on.

What we noticed doing the survey is that even though we thought that the questions we asked were simple and we tested them on some people. It was sometimes a struggle for the people to understand us and get the point of what we were asking. Either because the questions were not clear enough or either because Saint Vincent is not there yet on some topics or Saint Vincent's people have more pressing concerns for now.

Despite the difficulties we encountered during the interviews, we really appreciated talking to people and learning about their ways of life in Saint Vincent.
To follow with our investigation, since not all people are educated on the subjects of zero waste and recycling, we are going to go to some schools to teach the kids about waste management, recycling and zero waste. We are also going to take some actions at RVA doing workshop for the people and trying to reduce our waste.
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