Farmers Market Project

Farmer's market project is an initiative which aims to bring some good advantages for the locals while caring about our environment and our own health.


The idea of the farmers market is a group of climate activists who wonder why there wasn´t a local market in the village despite being mostly farmers and fisherman living there. How did they manage to sell their products and soon?.

After a bit of investigation we got to know that people were going to the city (35km far and 2 hours driving) to make their selling every Friday, that mean that they invest money, time, effort and fuel besides their work in the garden, and all of it just to sell their product to mostly the same people who live in their own village.


Friday is the shopping day everybody goes to the city, takes the minibus and starts spending ¼ of their shopping budget just in transport.

They pack all their stuff and they carry them all the way forward and back, some of them end up smash due to the long trip.

So all those reasons together with the fact of promoting the local economy, organic food and use the change to spread Moringa use for the sake of the environment but mostly for their own health are some of the “why” a farmer´s Market in Chateau Belair is a good idea and the best opportunity.


Last Saturday we had the Grand Opening after a lot of promotion, broadcasting it in radio, signing up people…  We placed a Moringa stand where people could get some food to tasted and bring the recipes back home to try themselves.

People have Moringa trees at home but not many know how to use them. With this initiative, many people got interested and delighted with the different uses of Moringa.


many got a book of recipes that some of the students made, many got a package of seed to plant at home… It would mean a lot not just for their health (since Moringa properties are huge and wide) but also for the environment to get every person to plant five of those trees at their home.


We also had the kid to free parent to make shopping without distraction, we got many kids in there, we were painting faces, coloring, etc. Summing up having a lot of fun!

And last but not least we had few farmer but very optimistic and commit ones who were selling their products there, and many other who want to be part of this action.

About this farmer´s market, I can just say that it was the beginning of something simple but different which can make a huge difference, besides, it is as well a great opportunity for everyone to benefit from. Since people will start to get familiar with it.


Can also be a great mean to bring more awareness and education about many different topics as it can be health, environment, climate change, permaculture or many other services. As a new student and a committed person would like to add. Come to work with us, let take a stand to things that matter to us, be part of the change you want to see.

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