Experiencing a thoughtful life at RVA

Experiencing a thoughtful life at RVA

Since the very first moment I got to RVA I could breathe coherence and peace.

I use to live in a society (and still do) where talking about how things should become is a pleasurable hobby that does not have anything to do with results, but with critiques. Ultimately critiques to myself.

I use to live in a society that kills my hopes of dreaming a better world possible. I use to live in a society where consumerism and toxic hobbies keep me paralyzed from doing things and thus faraway from my principles and true-self.

I don't know if this is something you can relate with, but that was definitely the way I felt. I still do sometimes, so let’s do something about it.

I often find myself submerged in a bench of excuses that prevent me from going where I truly want to be. “I have no money, no knowledge, I'm not capable, nothing will change”. Thus a thousand of related ones that talk about nothing but lack of will.

Sometimes I even question myself. Is it the way I think, really the way I believe in, or just a beautiful utopia in which I have no hopes about? And if so… why not to be eager to break free from my chains? Whatever they are…

So… what could be wrong in keeping the mind open to possibilities instead of passivity and trying to find examples on praxis?

That´s the way that I happen to come to RVA.

To see other people walking my utopia in such a way and being able to take part in it shaped a totally different version of me. I’m eager and willing to do something.

To come here has been an eyes-opener that shows me that the only thing that prevents this world from changing is to be inactive. It is not to believe in the power of a bunch of people following their own dreams, no matter what society tells them to do or to be resigned with.

Life at the academy is so active and demanding but that is just what a meaningful life is all about. To be the creator of shaping the difference you want to see in this world requires passion and effort and persistence.

What I can say after this experience is that doing that becomes by itself a worthwhile experience. An experience I just won't be able to live without anymore. Working 40/5 a week becomes a tedious work. Making of your life a 24/7 job you believe in is the most pleasurable journey I can think about. It is thus, the best footprint I want to leave behind.

Thanks for reading, join our journey, take a stand to your life! Looking forward to meeting you.

By Vanessa, Teacher

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