Do you know this numbers?

Do you know this numbers?
  2°C565 Gigatons2795 Gigatons

Do you know this numbers?

For us and our future generations it is very important to know about it. Our climate changes very fast, faster than we want to be true.

  To explain the numbers I have to start with a calculation:

In all medias we can read about CO2 and that we have to reduce the CO2 emission. But first we have to know how much is too much?

Jim Hansen and his Team at NASA studied exactly this and published which said, that we don’t know enough to know how much is too much. However any value for carbon in the atmosphere greater than 350ppm is not compatible with the planet on which civilisation developed and to which life on earth is adapted.

But 2013 we already had 395ppm CO2 and it is rising around 2 points every year. Everything frozen on earth is melting and the result is:

- The great ice sheet of the arctic is reduced by more than the half - The oceans are about 30% more acidic than they were 30 years ago - The atmosphere is about 5% wetter than it was 40 years ago

We have burned enough coal, gas and oil to raise the temperature of the earth one degree.

  Now to the numbers...

2° C

That’s how much the world has said it would be safe to let the planet warm. And if the world officially believes anything about climate change it’s that 2 degrees are too much.

565 Gigatons

The scientists have calculated is how much carbon we can put into the atmosphere and have a reasonable chance of staying blow two degrees. And they say about 565 Gigatons. A Gigaton is a million tons. It sounds a lot and it is a lot.

The problem is 2013 we poured 30 Gigaton a year and it goes up 3% a year. Do the math and it’s about 12 years before going past that threshold.

But the scary number is the 3rd number:

2795 Gigatons

A team of financial analysis in the United Kingdom sit down with all the annual reports and SEC filings and things to figure out how much carbon the world’s fossil industry already had in their reserves. And that number turned out to be 2795 Gigatons with of carbon.

This is 5 times as much as the most conservative governments on earth think would be safe to pour into the atmosphere.

Do you understand this numbers and the essence of our problem?

There is already 5 times more carbon in the reserves from the fossil industry than we should pour. And they are searching for more.

Thought experiment:

You have 10 brand new gasoline operated cars in your shop and you know, if you sell all these it has a negative impact to our all environment. At the same time you know how much profit you can make with it and if you don’t sell it you lose a lot of money. Honestly! Would you keep the cars?   Well, what will happen with all that oil, gas and coal what is already in the reserves?

Don’t expect that they will keep it because of our all climate problem. For the big corporation's profit is everything, they don’t care about the climate protection agreement all the nations signed. Whatever they have in their reserves they will sell.

Now we could say "It is their responsibility!" or "The government has to regulate it!" but the reality is different.

The top five of oil companies (Exxon, Shell, BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips) made 137 billion dollars in the year 2013. That’s 375 million dollars every day. And they spend 440’000 dollars a day for lobbying congress. We are talking about the big money and nobody wants to do without it. Because of this they will do everything to continue their daily business.

Finally it is our responsibility to find ways to use less/no fossils and to support alternatives. That’s the way we can change the world. That’s how we can save our children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren… world.

JUST DO IT!   By Marco Toso


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