Do you know about the United Nations Green Passport?

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Most of the time, we are thinking of going on vacation. Also, we want to know new countries, learning about culture, gastronomy, and have fun. But have you ever thought about how your vacation can affect the planet?

No, we're not telling you not to go on vacation.  But, you can help take care of the environment and enjoy your vacation while you do it. To do this you only need the United Nations Green Passport.
The Green Passport  ( was developed in the International Working Group on Sustainable Tourism Development. It was launched at the Berlin Tourism Fair 2008 by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP). And by the Ministry of Ecology, Energy, Sustainable Development and Territorial Planning. Also, by the Ministries of Environment and Tourism of Brazil and other partners.
By browsing the Green Passport website consumers will be able to find practical and ecological tips.  So, this tips help them reduce their environmental and social footprint. So, tourists will discover that traveling green is not as hard as they imagined.

The Green Passport website is designed to look fun and user-friendly. And you can even submit your own green travel tips. So, A large part of the program is focused on traveling responsibly. In other words, educating yourself about your destination and culture before going on your trip. Also, it help you to respect the local population and customs.

The Green Passport promotes tourism that respects the environmental and cultural value of a destination. Also brings economic and social benefits to the host communities.

The campaign helps tourists minimize their footprint by choosing the least polluting mode of transportation. Also, finding low-impact housing options, and improving their energy efficiency in destinations.

You can get your Green Passport online. Also, you can download it to your phone. So, in their website, the user receives advice on how minimize the environmental impact during the trip.

The website is available in English, French, Portuguese and soon in Spanish.

[caption id="attachment_6780" align="aligncenter" width="400"]In the Green Passport Website, you can finds tips for a In the Green Passport Website, you can finds tips for a "green" trip. Photo credit: unep

Tips for enjoying a "green" trip


When you go on vacation, be sure to see if the place you go to has local restrictions. And if this restrictions aply on the use of natural resources such as water and light. So, taking a bath with hot water could cause the community to run out of water.

Choose a place that care of the environment 

Always choose places to vacation, where the care of the environment is your primary mission.

Go to the doctor before your trip

Check if you need a vaccine before leaving. Also, consult your doctor about the country where you go. And do not forget to asked him what you should take care of.

Make your money's worth

Make your money worthwhile by choosing tours or guides committed to eco-tourism.

Choose responsible tourism 

Choose web pages that offer ecological and responsible tourism. Be sure to search well before pay. Richmond Vale Hiking and Diving Center is a good example of ecological tourism.  In here, you will enjoy a well-deserved vacation. Also, you will learn about the conservation of the environment, climate change and water recycling.

Adventure into a "Slow Travel"

[caption id="attachment_6781" align="alignleft" width="300"]Be a slow traveler and take care of the environment. Photo Credit: Pexels Be a slow traveler and take care of the environment. Photo Credit: Pexels

The Slow Food movement (Italy, 1986) was born against fast food and everything that represent an accelerated lifestyle and consumerism.
When this philosophy reached the spheres of travel was born the Slow Travel.
Along with this were also born Slow City. So, this philosophy seek to promote cultural diversity and internal characteristics. For a city to be slow city it must meet several requirements. So, it can't be a capital, have less than 50,000 inhabitants, have the old town free of traffic among others.
Slow travel want to enjoy the trip without the desire of reach the destination. So, they want to experiment all the place and all they can offer.
Then, it seeks to make the traveler mentally in a way that can form ties with the communities they visit. So, the person look for less travel guides and more advice of the premises.

The slow travel has a great relation with the ecotourism.  Since both look for that the travelers do not generate negative impact in the environment.

In conclusion, through this method of travel, you help to preserve the environment. Also, you learn about the conservation of the planet and you live an unforgettable experience.

If you want to know more about Slow Travel, we recommend this article from Angloitalian-Slow Vegan Travel.

So you know, for your next vacation, download your green passport of the United Nations. Then, your not only will enojy a spectacular vacation, but also you will help the planet.

And if all this does not seem enough to you. So, here we present a video of the youtube channel of vagabrothers.  In this video they offer us some tips to enjoy a very green vacation. Enjoy!


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