Distance Learner at One World University

One World University/ ISTC is ADPP Mozambique’s university, training professionals within two areas: Pedagogy and Fighting with The Poor. The students are trained to become teachers at teacher training colleges as well as social activists, practicing intellectuals, fighting shoulder to shoulder with The Poor against all the effects of poverty, while creating economic development. One World University’s idea is to equip students with relevant theoretical knowledge, skills and practical experience so that they become able to act with others in the present reality, implementing practical actions to respond to challenges.

One World University presents the students with a program that inspires while opening up to a whole new world filled with other ways of doing things and of being challenged. The program places its academic training right into our contemporary world and its human conditions.

Faculty of Pedagogy

The faculty started in 1998 and provides a Licentiate Degree in Pedagogy. The training aims to support graduates in professional careers within education and as instructors at teacher training colleges. In 2012, there were 94 Pedagogy students.

Faculty of Fighting with The Poor

The faculty started in 2008 and provides a Licentiate Degree. The training aims at creating social activists and community developers with a broad general understanding, specific knowledge of development theories and ability to put their knowledge to practical use in actions together with The Poor in their communities. In 2012, there were 98 students of Fighting with the Poor.

Distance Learning

OWU also provides the Pedagogy and Fighting with The Poor courses as distance learning. Students in the Fighting with The Poor Program at DRH Richmond Vale Academy are enrolled as Distance Learners and earn an A-Certificate in Fighting Shoulder to Shoulder with The Poor.

OWU is recognized by the Ministry of Education in Mozambique as Instituto Superior de Educação e Tecnología/



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