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It is always very challenging to start something new! After 3 months of preparation, 8 Development Instructors from Richmond Vale Academy started the project period in Belize and Ecuador.

Carlos is writing: "During the 3 months, we studied about the political situation in the world, the inequality, poverty trap, social injustice, and the different solutions were part of the program but the reality is always a little bit different.

The most important is to earn the trust in the community and there is no better way to do it than work with them every single day, understand them, know their names, understand the social structure of the community, the social connections, the problems, and the things they can be proud of and then try to give some extra booze with passion and share the knowledge that we have and learn from them".

This is a very intensive connection between the locals and the Dis, they are living at the same place, eating the same type of food, they celebrate together what they used to celebrate, and with time the community will accept they presence and they will be a reliable part of the everyday life.

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The very active community life at the school is the best preparation, here you earn very fast that everyone has something that you don’t know and vice versa. The attitude is what makes you capable of interacting with people. The very first steps for successful fieldwork, connection, and respect.

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Most Development Instructor's living conditions are simple. It's a good way for cultural assimilation living close together. Other Development Instructors live with the Humana People to People Project leaders.

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Important when working together that we understand each other and take action together. Togetherness is one of the key elements of long term success and at the end of the day there is always time for some fun, chess party in Ecuador.

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Join us and you will be on the pictures in Belize, Ecuador maybe even in Brazil or somewhere else. We all have the right to a decent life, let’s give the chance to everybody.

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