Dear new Climate Activists!

Edit from Hungary I wish you a very successful 6 months in St Vincent and I ask you to make us proud!

First of all welcome to the fabulous St Vincent and welcome to the famous Richmond Vale Academy!! I hope you had a good journey to the Caribbean

I am Edit from Hungary. I have just returned to Europe to start my own permaculture and self-sustainable farm in my country - before I was a teacher in the climate program. I can say I returned with much success and a lot of very useful experience! I spent there a very-very progressive time, getting to know many interesting people with a good heart and a lot of knowledge. I had two teams and if I need to remember how many things we achieved!

I can’t say how proud it makes me if I still try! I won’t make a list here because I am sure you have got a very accurate collection of the achievements of the Climate Compliance Conference. You guys are entering a new era in your life – be ready! You will see new colours and new forms, you will meet new cultures, you will ask new questions and you will find new solutions! Richmond Vale Academy is a window to see the world behind the scenes and a home for alternative solutions.

Therefore I ask you to be careful and responsible! RVA is not simply a school - RVA is you! You make it work, you are responsible to learn what it offers, you are responsible to add what you already know, and you are responsible to pass over what you learned.

Guys I can assure you that these 6 months won’t always be easy, I hope you are not there for a luxurious holiday, because you will get slightly disappointed. But if you want to lean and do something for our broken world you are at the right place!

I wish you a very successful 6 months in St Vincent and I ask you to make us proud! Don’t forget we are all a big family and RVA is the channel between times and cultures!

Stick together, have fun and thrive!



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