Culture Night In RVA

Dance-web The idea is to promote a different experience for all of the people that live around you

Culture Night At The Richmond Vale Academy

By Julio from Brazil

All Saturdays the Richmond Vale Academy promotes the “Culture Night”. An event that aims to promote an entertainment night for the volunteers.

The staff and sometimes also the locals of St Vincent, the idea of this event is to bring a new theme every week. With all different kind of activities, as music, dance, food, sports, games.

An important question about the Culture Night is that the responsible for making it happens are of the people from the project.

The idea is to promote a different experience for all of the people that live around you, so usually some groups take the responsibility for a specific date and plan all the activities.

So, it´s important that every group plan activities to bring different moments that can improve the integration among the people of our community.

An interesting point when you are in charge of the Culture Night is to think. “What I would like to get if I were a participant”.

After this point, you start to think about what activities people would enjoy, which different food you can do, how time longer the activities will take.

What resources we need before, what should I do during the afternoon before?. All of this helps to improve your capacities about management, working together and also how to make things.

When you are not responsible but just enjoying the event, you realize that people that are doing the cultural night want that you have a really special night.

They do everything that they can in order to make you have a special moment.

It is important to get involve as a participant because the success of this activity depends on how much the public is being part of what is going on.

So, to finish about the Culture Night is an event made for people from RVA, to people from RVA. The idea is to expand for the communities of St Vincent too.

In order to everyone enjoy a moment together and improve our community, because we are the Richmond Vale Academy.

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