I have been working with Stina and practicing "basic" exercises with her four horses: Jack, Spirit, Elena and Magic. Through this it has become more and more clear that there are just a few essentials to build up a real connection with horses. These are: lots of fun, be open minded, enjoy every single step, and be full of life.

But the harder I try, the further it goes. I think this happens because we learned to stop listening to our true selves. We all have different kinds of needs. Sometimes there is a need missing and there appears a feeling of displeasure. A long time ago people started teaching each other to get rid of this feeling as soon as possible. That's why I think our mind (ego) is ingenious to come up with all kinds of strategies. It's an external process what makes us dependent, it can easily come and go. It makes us vulnerable because we aren't in control of it.


To accomplish what I think is needed is awareness. To develop awareness you need lots of compassion.

Compassion is an internal process. It's about allowing everything that’s going on inside to happen. To me it means that it's okay to feel displeasure, just feel it. It’s okay to invent strategies, just let them pass. You even can practice strategies, just be aware of it.

Be compassionate with yourself. It will activate another part of your brain, the creative part. There will appear a world with infinite possibilities to provide for your needs in a way you could never imagine before. Peaceful, loveable, and healing from within, which will stay forever.

And then suddenly, before you even know are having lots of fun, you are open-minded, you are enjoying every single step and most of all you are full of life!

You can feel a deep connection in your heart and this connects you with every living being. It synchronizes communication and vibrates in all energy around us. Communication becomes a dance of life. Horses are my dance of life.

Michelle van Ardennen Working student (Holland)


~ Wonderful life a song by Katie Melua

Here I go out to sea again The sunshine fills my hair And dreams hang in the air Gulls in the sky and in my blue eyes You know it feels unfair There's magic everywhere

Look at me standing Here on my own again Up straight in the sunshine No need to run and hide It's a wonderful wonderful life No need to laugh and cry It's a wonderful wonderful life

The sun's in your eyes The heat is in your hair They seem to hate you because you're there And I need a friend Oh I need a friend to make me happy Not stand here on my own

I need a friend Oh I need a friend To make me happy Not so alone

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