Climate Compliance Conference Pioneer



Before my coming here, I was just a freshman of the university in my country. I always wanted to do something helpful for others in my life. And I found a good chance to make changes in Saint Vincent and Grenadines.

Through 6 months, I didn’t make a big change. But when I look back as a Gaia team, I can see that we achieved a lot.

We made garden for community, taught children in school, went to radio station, recorded TV program, participated lots of international environment activities like Earth Day and World Coastal Clean Up Day, ran Gaia Kids Club and Gaia Adults Club, fund-raised for Gaia News Letter, and mobilized community and so on. Everything was not easy because we were the First Gaia Team. But finally we carried it through together.

I still have to learn more but I learned a lot from little to big things. Now I know how to make composters, make seedling, put love until their growing and eat with gusto! Also I learned many things in school because we had to live together in school 24 hours and 7 days. There’s no mom or other person who will do for me. Now I do my things myself. I make breakfast, wash dishes and do my laundry. For some people it’s normal but for me it was first time because I’ve never lived apart from my parents and they did it for me. This life made me more independent and responsible.

In school I could make a lot of good friend from around the world. I learned from them and they made me grow more. Especially I want to say thank you to my teammates and teachers – Gabriela, Julie, Daniel, Gustavo, Selly and Vaida. I also made many friends in community. At first I didn’t know anyone in community and I wished I could say hello with their names. After working with community for 6 months now I call their names and say hello even I’m in the fast car! Then they call my name too!

I met new culture here. Of course it was different from mine. Still I don’t know everything yet. But I try to respect and understand. I like them. And I can feel they like me too.
When I see Saint Vincent and Grenadines in Korea, it’s located on the opposite side of the earth. However it will be home, sweet home for me all the time!

Seulbee Lee, South Korea

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