The two main sources of marine pollution are garbage and sewage water from industrial and commercial use in cities.


Preventing Pollution. Johnny from Colombia.

Through the cleanup day organized by Richmond Vale Academy in Petitbourdel beach where we collect several hundred kilos of garbage. Comes to my mind the following thought: How far can human unconsciousness? I really do not know.

Anyone would think that the people who defend nature are the pure tree hugging hippies, nothing further from reality the ocean is alien to many people.

However, it is the one to make it all work from the weather to the life of the species; the problem is that the oceans have become huge garbage dumps. All this because of widespread mismanagement of urban waste. A study by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), has quantified in million tons the garbage that accumulates in the funds the water column, the sea surface, and shoreline.


Garbage in the sea is the symptom of a serious disease: constant misuse and mismanagement of natural resources; the amount of plastic bags, bottles and other debris in the ocean.

Can be drastically reduced by improving the management of waste, reducing the amount and recycling, all these are solutions that can be implemented from the beginning, from our homes and daily lives the serious impact on our huge seas. According to TheDodo, I from 1997 to 44,006 marine animals now they have had problems with our garbage, killing 80% of them. This is because many thought that plastic corresponding to bits of food or trapped in them.