Clarity and Inspiration

Clarity and Inspiration

By Sara Auerbach

I chose the Climate Change Activist Program, because it was an opportunity to do something different and to engage in meaningful action. There were a few things that I hoped to gain from my experience at RVA:

  1. Clarity. I hoped the program would give me a better picture of how I wanted to move forward both career wise and in everyday life.
  2. Inspiration. I wanted to revitalize my passion for environmental stewardship and addressing social problems.
  3. Practical skills. I wanted to leave RVA with ahandful of new skills that would aid me in living a life that would be more sustainable, more conscientious, and healthier. I can honestly say that RVA helped me to achieve all of these things. I am grateful for my experience at the school and for the opportunity to travel, create new relationships, and to broaden my understanding of the world.

I believe that the community projects and sustainability goals that drive RVA are a positive force in a world that sorely needs effective programs that build people up and take care of our planet. I will say that the program is not perfect; I experienced frustrations as well as doubts over the course of my time at RVA. Ultimately, these are the things that open our minds and help us expand the way that we think and how we deal with challenges. The difficult moments are the ones that make us grow.

Richmond Vale Academy gives you these opportunities: to learn more about the climate, fight poverty, sustainability, and community living; to experience self growth and to have a better understanding of what humans mean for this world we live in; and to DO something about the all of the problems that we see and talk about and think about everyday.

I am very glad that I decided to do the Climate Compliance Program at RVA.

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