Black man be proud!

Fitzroy Dowers “Be proud” written by Fitzroy Dowers, Vincentian writer and poet.

Black man be proud!
It’s not the colour of your skin
That makes you great.
It’s not the size of your head
Nor your body weight.

Black man be proud!
There is no difference between Africa,
England, Australia or Canada,
No difference between Negro blood
And Caucasian stud.

Black man be proud!
They captured you and did enslave,
But you were courageous, you were brave.
For only the strongest could have survived.
The trip from Africa to West Indies – and be alive.

Black man be proud!
There is no difference between NAFTA and
Why buy goods that come from foreign,
When you can get similar items from the Caribbean origin.

Black man be proud!
Don’t complain, criticize, and squeal,
And from every high court judgment lodge an appeal.
The brains for white jurisprudence in the Council Privy,
Are not superior to our black judges – believe me.

Black man be proud!
Proclaim your freedom and independence loud!
You get approbation on every hand,
For your novel invention the sweet, sweet steel pan.
You make music from bom drum and plant shoots,
You produce music from any old bamboo flute.

Black man be proud!
Your rhythm is natural, your movements graceful.
Your strength is phenomenal, your physique powerful.
You don’t have to suntan to get cocao-brown colour,
Your women folk are beautiful as any tropical flower.

Black man be proud
You progressed from slave to land owner and barrister,
Economist, scientist and very skillful doctor.
Freedom now reigns from Guyana to Namibia,
Mandela is now Prime Minister of South Africa.

Black man be proud!
Your equality is firmly established,
No longer can slavery be enforced or even published.
Free up your mind and improve your psychology,
For inferiority is no longer determined by biology.
Black man be proud!

Fitzroy Dowers, Vincentian writer and poet.

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