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Belair Government School Visiting RVA

Schoolvisitweb Seeing how enthusiastic and excited the students were about the visit made us very happy :)

Today, 6th-grade students from Belair Government school came all the way to Richmond to visit our Campus!

It is always a little adventure and a great learning experience for everyone, for the school as much as for us here at RVA! Heather gave a presentation about living at RVA, our programs, the home-garden projects and of course about climate change.

After a quick lunch with a view of the volcano and St Lucia, we divided into smaller groups and all the students from the Climate compliance March team and Fighting with the poor team became tour guides for the day! In another Kind of School we want to live a sustainable life, so we try to be pioneers and to build example projects. Showing our sustainability projects to 10-12 year olds taught us RVA students how to keep things simple and exciting!  We showed them our solar panels, the biogas station, the new Permaculture Kitchen Garden, our Chicken Hotel, the Water collection system, Our Organic Gaden, the Compost system, the Fruit Forest, the Pigs, and even a little visit to the Horses!

Seeing how enthusiastic and excited the students were about the visit made us very happy :) We love showing our other kind of school to many interested kids and to inspire them to change the World!

Such a positive feedback made us smile:

"This is a little piece of paradise" - says one of the Miss James, the Teacher

"I love how peaceful the fruit forest is, I could spend hours in there" - comments Noami

"We need to come here more often"- thinks one teacher!


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