7 Beautiful reasons why you should go hiking

Nature-beau Walking through nature and breathing clean air helps us to relax and get away from the stress of the city.

Are you looking for a healthy sport that allows you to be in contact with nature and suitable for any type of person? Without a doubt, that sport is hiking. The frenetic pace of life, the work and the jungle of asphalt in which we live are passing the bill. It is not a purely physical matter, but a mental one. Depression is already a pandemic and rare is the person who has not experienced stress, anxiety or insomnia.

Spending time outdoors may be better than you think. Hiking is obviously healthy for our body, but few stop to think that it could also be beneficial to our mental health.

That is why more and more people are aware of the benefits of hiking, and therefore, fans are increasing. And is that, when we hike, besides just walking, we enjoy unique landscapes and we are in contact with nature.

In addition, as hiking gets more and more followers you can find mountaineering or hiking centers that periodically offer routes for all those enrolled in and outsiders who want to try the experience. We are goin to help you take the next step. That's why in this post we present to you 7 reasons why you should go hiking.


Beautiful reasons why you should go hiking


1-Doing Sport Is Always Beneficial

As everyone knows, doing sports is always good because it burns fats, shape your body and is beneficial for the cardiovascular system. If walking is good, hiking, although it is another way to walk, is much better than a walk. The more slope, the more kcal will burn.

2-Being In Touch With Nature

If you love nature, do not doubt that hiking is the perfect activity for you. You will be amazed by the natural life, full of natural walks and waterfalls. You will see leafy vegetation that will make you forget for a moment the bustle and the gray cement of the city. And you will breathe fresh air without the pollution of the industries and the exhaust pipes. Also, if you give enough attention surely you listen to the joyful song of a bird. And, hopefully, you may see some animals in the area.

3-Discover New Corners

Each route, each mountain and each path are different worlds. Discover the wonderful corners away from the view of the majority, that clear in the middle of the forest, that lonely rock that you will not hesitate to upload to take a photo. That little pond with crystalline waters that with some luck has fish. With each new excursion you will discover beautiful landscapes. Even repeating route, you will notice things that you had not seen or explore new corners and roads that will take you to new and wonderful sites.

4-It is a non-competitive activity

Apart from being a sport with all the benefits that it implies. Here there is no competition, rather the opposite, primacy of fellowship. The one who is in lesser form will make a small effort not to be left behind and the most impetuous will do everything so that nobody is left behind. Hiking is a great way to have a good time with friends or family. Also, is good for talk relaxed and bond with our loved ones.

5-You will meet new friends

As we said before, with the hiking you strengthen relationships with your own. But not only that, you also have the possibility of making new relationships with other hikers. If you are an extroverted person no doubt in many occasions in which you practice hiking to make new friends with other lovers of nature like you, take the opportunity to know your favorite routes and point them to travel in the future.

6-It is cheap

Maybe if you start hiking and do not have the necessary clothing and accessories, the initial investment can be high, especially if you start in winter and cold, because apart from the essentials you will need a scarf for the neck, a jacket with windbreaks and maybe more extras. But once the initial investment is made or if you live in a tropical country with nice weather, perhaps the biggest expense you have to make is the gasoline to go to the starting point of the excursion you want to do since if you buy clothes and footwear made specifically for outdoor sports, they are very durable material.

7-Psychological Benefits

Walking through nature and breathing clean air helps us to relax and get away from the stress of the city. Hiking helps you to forget all the problems, being highly recommended for people suffering from anxiety, stress or depression. Do not hesitate any longer, and when you feel overwhelmed, grab your mountain boots, grab your backpack, prepare a snack and go to a natural place to walk, disconnect and clear. Your health, your life and yourself will thank you.

So you know, for your next vacation grab your bag and get in touch with nature.

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