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St. Vincent and the Grenadines is one of the world’s most disaster prone countries. During the past few years hurricanes and floods have affected St Vincent. Hundreds of people lost their homes, jobs and loved ones.
Major damages to bridges, roads and buildings have been caused. Thousands of trees and many acres of agricultural soil have been lost.

Although St. Vincent and the Grenadines and other Caribbean nations have contributed very little to the release of the greenhouse gases driving climate change. We pay a heavy price for global inaction in reducing emissions.

The new tree planting project aims at sensitizing and mobilize people to take action. To mitigate and adapt to the challenges of Climate Change in St. Vincent.

With a 10 year perspective, Richmond Vale Academy launched the St. Vincent Climate Compliance Conference in 2012. Aiming to form the future of St. Vincent into that of being a more Climate Compliant Country.

The Climate Compliance Conference works with a small group of people from Richmond Vale Academy. Together with the Government of St Vincent and the Grenadines, various community organizations, schools and volunteers.
Richmond Vale Academy has partnered with The Mustique Charitable Trust and The Ministry of Agriculture. The Ministry of Education and The Ministry of Health. Wellness and The Environment in planting trees with schools, to protect biodiversity, protect against sea level rise. As well as planting beneficial plants in disaster areas. Tree planting is an ongoing effort. And crucial action to adapt to the challenges of climate change.
Along with the ongoing efforts of tree planting goes the importance of teaching and reaching many people with awareness and education.

The Tree planting and Climate Change Education Project aim:

  • To sensitize 50% of the Vincentian population to understand the importance of tree planting. Also, teach them how to protect the environment and adapt to Climate Change.
  • Plant 3000 trees in 10 areas on the Leeward Side of the island of St. Vincent.
  • Educate 200 youth in 10 schools about Climate Change and the importance of trees.  
  • Mobilize 15 school and community groups to plant trees.
  • Distribute 100 environmental books to 10 school libraries.

But exactly. What are the benefits that would bring to the Vincentian population planting these trees? Besides helping to clean the environment. There are other benefits that not all people know. Some of them are: economic, social, communal etc.

To dig deeper into this topic. The “Tree People Organization” has created a top 22 benefits that brings planting trees.



Climate volunteers.

RVA director

The project has started with setting up the first nursery tables.  The actual tree planting action will happen in January and February with the November Climate Compliance Conference Team.

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