13 Benefits of Hiking that you should know! [INFOGRAPHIC]

13 Benefits of Hiking that you should know! [INFOGRAPHIC]

[Tweet "The practice of hiking is perhaps one of the activities of greater gratification for the human."] That's why, the direct contact with nature makes this practice one of the most popular worldwide. So, people of all ages can do different types of hiking routes and enjoy the differente benefits of hiking. So, the best of all is that the routes offered are adaptable to the condition and taste of each person.

Hiking has a direct relationship with camping activities, since usually a good hiking route, can occupy several days. Then, for some hiking trails, climbing skills are required and in others abseiling. So, everything varies depending on the adventure of hiking that you are willing to perform.
So, additionally walking is an activity that relaxes the mind while exercising the organism.


Benefits of Hiking

Many sports activities and games require special equipment or training to get started. But, hiking is relatively simpler and more beneficial than any other exercise.

Literally, anyone can put on a pair of shoes along with few necessary gear and equipment and start moving into the woods for a little fresh air. Also, the scenery, accessibility and diverse nature of hiking trails make this attractive for people of all ages, fitness levels and income brackets.

There are many benefits of hiking for your health. From better physical conditions such as strengthening the heart and muscles. So, improve the quality of mental life asit allows us to undertake and conquer many challenges and objectives.
Here are some of the benefits of hiking, that  you can enjoy. So, you just need undertaking these epic and equable journeys by walking through spectacular places:

1- Connect with nature

The main goal of hiking is to connect with the natural environment and rural areas and cultures. So, when passing through wooded areas, winding paths or walks at the foot of rivers, you will notice more clearly the combination of vegetation and fauna. So, this is an ideal fusion for an environment lover. Sometimes we just need to connect with nature.

2- Burn calories

It is unavoidable. Taking a mountain or valley on foot, will mean a journey of kilometers that, consequently, will make you burn some calories. So, it is important to stay well hydrated and plan your meals or snacks to maxime your performance.

3- Exercise muscle groups

Consequence of the previous point, to hike will produce a work in your inferior train. So, your legs, specifically calves and thighs, will benefit. In narrow paths you will work your sense of balance. Also, on roads with steep climbs or downs, you will be able to reinforce your abs and lower back.

4- Improve your blood system

Hiking through the trails on a regular basis decreases blood pressure and cholesterol. So, it can reduce the danger of heart disease and stroke for those at high-risk. In fact, hiking downhill is two times more effective at removing blood sugars and improving glucose tolerance.

5- Meet new people or bond more with some you know

There are hiking centers where many people who enjoy the same sport meet to practice it. So, that allows you to meet people and to share chats while walking. Also, allows you to get away, from worries, bills, debts, and even the internet to which we are all hooked. Hiking is the best way to meet new people.

6- You can do it with children

If you are a parent and you always complain that parenthood is driving you away from sports, hiking is perfect for you. You will not have more excuses. So, from the age of three or four you can already make short routes with them and enjoy as never before. If they are less than three years old there is equipment to carry them on your back. One of the mayor benefits of hiking, is that you can enjoy it with your family

7-You will receive a good dose of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient to keep your bones and muscles strong. This vitamin is available in many fortified foods. But, the best source to obtain it from is the sun. 10 minutes of direct sunlight is all you need to maintain a healthy vitamin D level. So, get out and practice a little hiking to improve your health.

8- Relief insomnia

If you are having trouble sleeping you may notice that this is relieved after a good hike. So, regular hiking helps reduce insomnia. Also, it helps you fall asleep faster and to enjoy a deeper and more restorative sleep.

9- Improve your mood

A walk through a path or beautifully covered area with trees can calm your nerves and improve your mood. Then, take a scenic walk to help you let go of stress and forget your problems. If you do hiking with a group you will have an excellent opportunity to socialize and exchange ideas with others.

10- Increase your bone density

Another benefit of hiking, is that it fights osteoporosis and arthritis. So, this activity, performed on a regular basis, helps you develop strong bones and decrease bone loss. If you have arthritis, 150 minutes of hiking a week will help keep your joints flexible. And also, combat the joint stiffness associated with osteoarthritis.

11- Prevent and control diabetes

Hiking helps you control or even prevent diabetes because it lowers your blood sugar levels. So, hiking works your muscles, which moves your glucose into the blood, where it burns for energy. Also, if you have diabetes talk to your doctor before going hiking. Because, you may need to adjust the medication if you will carry out this activity regularly.

12- Increase your energy level

Aerobic activities such as hiking increase the level of oxygen and fuel directed to your muscles, organs and other body tissues. Then, this extra oxygen and fuel give you an extra dose of energy that strengthens your lungs and muscles. So this, increases your physical stamina, alertness, and overall energy level.
Low energy? You just need go on a hike to the mountains.

13- Decrease your risk of developing cardiovascular disease

Hikes to help your cardiovascular system stay as healthy as a musical box. So, regular exercise, such as walking, helps elevate your lipoprotein levels and decrease your triglycerides. So, this reduces your risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, and heart attacks.

If all these benefits of hiking have not convinced you yet ... We hope this video does it.  So, these are the  "Top 10 Most Beautiful Hikes in the World". Enjoy! 

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