12 Ways to Save Our Planet (INFOGRAPHIC)

12 Ways to Save Our Planet (INFOGRAPHIC)

When we hear about Environmental Activism there's a bunch of difficult things that comes to our mind, but actually, it's not hard to be part of the move, and here are 12 easy ways to save our planet and it would make you feel great.

Global Warming

There's bad news about global warming everywhere, dying oceans, and endangered animals flooding us every day.

And even if we don't want to know about it, this topic is gaining more attention because is already happening.

Also, it may seem like the actions of one person won't make a difference, but there are many ways you can help and it does mark a huge change.

Save our planet

There is a surprising amount of people, businesses, and communities that would like to do more to conserve and protect our natural resources.

But, the complicated part is that they don't know where to begin with becoming more environmentally friendly.

So, here's 12 easy ways to help save our planet and we ordered this by category.


Public Actions

We know that sometimes, our public actions are the most difficult to do.

And, there are simple things you can actually do to save our planet with outside actions.

#1 Environmental Shopping

This can sound like you are going to spend all your savings but it's quite the opposite.

When we talk about environmental shopping we're talking about buying products from the market that are made up of recycled materials, minimal packaging, coming from renewable sources, etc.

In the case of buying food, choose those who are nearer to you, they won't need to travel long distances to get to your store.

Also, in buying food from people in your area, you are not only supporting them, but you are cutting demand for large companies that probably produce a great deal of waste.

Pay attention to where your clothes, electronics, home goods, and other possessions were made.

Go to farmers' markets, shop locally, and know where your food comes from.

As much as possible, buy items that are produced in your region.

It's incredible how this can solve so many problems. Simply buying ‘organic' doesn't always necessarily guarantee quality or environmentally friendly production.

#2 Donate as much as you can

Donating is not all about money, but we don't deny that helps a lot to nonprofit organizations.

You can also find any local shelter or organization and give what you can.

Also, you can donate your leftover paint to a community project; Britons fail to use 6.2m liters of the paint they buy each year.

Give your clothing and furniture. Yes, think for a moment why to throw something away that someone else might need?

We never know what just might fit someone else's bill, especially if they actually need that.

Besides, be mindful of what you throw away.

Make these questions to yourself: can it be donated? Can it be saved? Recycled? The dumpster should be the last resort.

So much of what we use can be reused, and not just thrown away.

Research what you can do with all the things you usually throw out to make sure that you are not wasting things that can be saved.

#3 Volunteer

As a volunteer, you can help to clean up areas where you live, walk dogs at your local shelter.

There are people out there fighting for the planet and its animals. Let's help them out!

And in the case of water pollution, we can only do so much when it comes to keeping water clean.

So, join a local environmental group that works to clean up the water in your area, whether it's a river, lake or ocean.

Also, being a volunteer to help clean up beaches or riverbanks.

#4 Teach others

Teach others the importance of treating our environment with care and that we can make a difference.

But the lessons can't be only to any person, choose the young ones too.

If we don't teach our children that what we do affects the planet, things will never change.

And children learn from those around them, so inspire them to help us and make them part of the rescue efforts.

The mind of a child is a beautiful thing, and sometimes they come up with solutions and feel the greater conviction to stop injustice than adults.

The more people share an awareness of the importance of the environment, the more we can do together to conserve it.

#5 Choose public transportation

If you pick public transportation, you're making a large contribution to the health of our environment.

And, a single person that change a car to public transportation can reduce emissions of carbon dioxide by 4,800 pounds.

That's the equal of 10 percent of greenhouse gas emissions produced by the average two-adult, two-car household.

The most energy-efficient modes of travel tend to be train and bus rides.

But if you don't want to stop using your car, there are many things you can do.

For example, carpooling, having someone else to ride with you (or you with someone else) is something great to do.

Carpooling is another easy way to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

If you join just one other person on a 50-mile round-trip drive to and from work, you'll cut your monthly emissions by almost 10 percent.

So, enlist a coworker and start the actions to save our planet.

Personal actions

These are even more easy ways to help save our planet, this is just you in a harmonious relationship with the Earth.

#6 Save Water

It's true that 75 percent of the world's surface is covered by water, but only one percent of that is drinkable.

And, water pollution and waste cut the amount of water that living beings can use, this cause or exacerbate water shortages.

  • So, make sure to turn off the sink when you are not using it.

You could save five gallons of water a day if you do, so let's stop leaving the faucet running while we brush our teeth, for example.

  • If your car is filthy, take it to a car wash.

They typically use less than half the water it would take you to wash it yourself.

  • Take a brisk shower, not a leisurely bath, to save water.
  • Don't run the dishwasher with anything in it.
  • Don't flush the toilet unnecessarily, install a rainwater harvesting system that supplies your regular water provision.

There are people on the planet with no water to drink, yet we waste water at an alarming rate.

It's good if we take this as one of the ways to save our planet.

#7 Ride a Bike

Another big source of air pollution that has led to global warming is emissions from cars, trucks, and planes.

Walk or ride your bike instead of driving, you will find it's even beneficial for your body too.

Besides, you get exercise and pollute less, it's a win-win situation.

And don't forget a helmet, be safe.

#8 Use compact fluorescent light bulbs

Use compact fluorescent light bulbs to save money and energy.

They last eight times as long and use a fraction of the energy, you can save $30 or more in energy costs over a bulb's lifetime.

Besides, with your new awareness of the status of our natural resources in your life, we can start to practice conservation.

This can be as simple as turning off the lights as you leave a room.

Or, you can install a low wattage motion sensor night light for the bathroom.

The bright light will only wake you up, so using low wattage is best and you'll save energy too.

#9 Use less paper

With the fluidity and ease of emails today, we don't need for any of our bills or mail to be in paper form.

Paying bills online instead of on paper saves 23 pounds of wood.

This also avoids 29 pounds of greenhouse gas emission per household, every year.

But, if you really need to, use both sides of the paper.

And while using a printer, remember to set your printer's default option to print double-sided.

Most companies are rewarding their clients or customers who go paperless.

#10 Refillable bottle forever

Conserving water reduces the amount of energy that is needed to filter it.

In the case of the drinking water, we know the importance of proper hydration.

But, each year, 17 million barrels of oil produce disposable water bottles.

So, if you want to be part of the solution, invest in a refillable bottle.

And, carrying a reusable water bottle, BPA-free, everywhere you go, you'll always be able to hydrate without purchasing bottles.

For it, fill up for free at water fountains and most take-out restaurants.

If you're worried about contaminants, consider buying a water bottle with a filter.

And, don't reuse disposable plastic bottles, because they may leach chemicals after several uses.

Besides, you can't clean properly these type of bottles.

#11 Use the sun, it is a perfect water heater

Use the sun to heat your water. Search and consult with local appliance centers, this technology is more available than most think.

You can either put the water directly to the sun, as many third world country people do, or install a solar water heating (SWH) systems.

The system collects the sun's energy using a solar collector.

A water storage tank receives the energy, like the conventional water heaters.

#12 Create compost

Composting means recycling nutrients back into the ecosystem, which keeps food out of landfills and waterways and enriches the soil.

This is a good solution for the huge amount of food waste per day.

Wasting food means we are wasting resources like water and energy.

Resources that went into the production of that food.

Luckily there are many easy ways (like permaculture) to help to save our planet with the rest of foods.

So, even those who don't live on a farm or in a house with a backyard can do the eco-friendly thing with their trash.

And, some communities have local composting programs, so ask around to find out how to get involved with yours.

Or start your own compost indoors and give it away to someone with a garden.

But the great thing you can do is to cut the amount of food waste we produce every day.

Also, if you have another tip to share, we can read it in the comment box below.

So, go ahead, comment it and share it on your social media, is a way to spread these easy ways to help save our planet.

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