11 Innovative Ways To Use Less Paper That Will Blow Your Mind INFOGRAPHIC

11 Innovative Ways To Use Less Paper That Will Blow Your Mind INFOGRAPHIC

The use of paper is one of the major factors contributing to climate change. The felling of trees in the first place directly contributes to carbon emissions. So, this result of machinery used both in the process and in transportation. But there's a simple solution for that: use less paper. 
Once paper is made, it must then be transported, which inevitably will involve the burning of even more carbon fuel. This snowball effect makes saving and recycling paper vital if we are to tackle climate change.

There are a number of ways to save paper, many of whish should be apparent to anyone with a sense of practicality and a desire to save money. The problem lies in putting these notions into practice, and that requires discipline as well as the lure of more potential profit as a result of savings.

Benefits of Using less paper

Economic Benefits

When we save paper we actually save money. The initial cost of paper may not look much in comparison with other office expenditures, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. Use of paper has a lot of hidden accompanying costs. Apart from the purchasing cost, the company incurs other costs such as costs of printing, copying, postage, storage, disposal, recycling, etc. Hence, any reduction in the amount of paper used translates to a reduction in all these associated costs.


Environmental Benefits

When we save paper we reduce on the negative impact of its use on the environment. The whole process of paper production employs the use of natural resources such as trees, water and energy. Reduction on the amount of paper that is used serves to conserve the forests and water resources which eventually lowers the amount of harmful greenhouse gases emitted to the environment


Efficiency Benefits

When we save paper we increase efficiency. One major way to reduce paper in the office is to use electronic forms and filing system instead of the traditional filing cabinets. Converting to electronic system makes it easy to find and process information. It also reduces the time wasted looking for lost or misplaced documents in the office. Reducing paper used in the office increases efficiency by saving time, money and resources.


                   How to use less paper

Around the globe, everyone is using this material, and with this, spending a huge amount of energy and natural resources. The paper is everywhere and it can be hard to stop using paper at once, but is not impossible and here are 11 creative ways to use less paper that will help save the World’s forest.
Also, all the equipment needed to cut down trees pollutes air and water, destroys the homes of many animals and contributes to climate change. The average American uses about seven trees or an average of 700 pounds in paper, wood, and other products made from trees every year.
So, use less paper is indeed a priority to the world, everyone of us can help cut energy usage. But if you want to do more actions and use less paper, here are 10 tips you can follow.
Don't worry, you don't need to be an environmental activist, there are always easy ways to help.


#1 Go Virtual

In this era, it is not that difficult. Technology has improved the way we can to create and sign documents and virtual faxing. And, online we can do more things and the greatest news is that we don’t even need a paper. Just don't over do it ;)

 #2 Paperless billing

Now we count with service providers that offer the option to deliver your bills via email. So, if your bills come to you through email, it’s easier to keep up with them and track what you need to pay. This is a great move if you want to use less paper.


#3 Find recycled paper

In case you need paper, you can buy recycled paper, this will help to save our planet by saving a large amount of wood and you help to fewer greenhouse gasses emissions that speed up the process of global warming (and yes! Global Warming is no longer a debate).


#4 Have a PDF file storage system

Create PDF document and upload them to a cloud storage system, or save them in specific folders on your computer.
Instead of printing out papers for filling, these documents are less likely to get lost and you don’t have to use as much paper.


#5 Get a dry erase board

This kind of board will save paper because it keeps you from randomly making notes on any sheet of paper that you see. Besides, it’s reusable for a long period and aids in organization and efficiency.


#6 Phone notes

Our phones are so diverse and filled with apps that the possibilities are endless for taking notes and writing down just about anything you would need to remind yourself of on paper.


#7 Use online tools for business collaboration

Google Docs and other digital workspaces allow everyone to meet and edit files in a shared space.
This is an excellent way to use less paper, you won’t need the print material.


#8 Use an e-reader for books

There is already a lot of digital versions of books on the Internet. So, you can do the same thing with paper books from an e-reader. And, e-readers will also take up less room in your house. Also, your books will always be saved and easily accessible from your device.


#9 Old newspaper for eco-friendly gardening

Did you know that newspaper can help to keep weeds from growing in your garden?
And that’s not all, mulching your garden with newspaper also eliminates the need for chemicals and other environmentally destructive products created to keep weeds away.


#10 Share files and documents

If you share files and documents through Google Docs or another provider, others don’t have to print them. If you have an important document or news that you want to share, consider uploading it into a file that you can share or send by email.
This practice helps to use less paper and it’s innovating, you can do it with pictures, news, everything.


#11 Flash Drive and clouds are your new Best Friend

Store important files on an external flash drive instead of printing. Use this device instead of printing paper documents and putting them in a folder.

What do you think about these tips? Do you already use less paper? If you know another creative way, please share it, in the comment box below.
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