Richmond Vale Academy employs 25 people in teaching, farming, administration and maintainance.


  • Stina Herberg, Director

    Stina was born in Norway and is the academy’s director. For the past 25 years she has worked with education, environment and development projects in Angola, Mozambique, Denmark, Norway, Caribbean and USA. Stina became the director at Richmond Vale Academy in 2007.
  • Jesper Friis, Manager and Teacher

    Jesper holds a BA in Pedagogy from DNS in Denmark. He has traveled and studied in more than 40 countries including Turkey, India, Libya, Mozambique, Cuba, USA and Germany. Jesper is a certified PADI Diving Instructor and is also certified in Solar Energy Photovoltaic Design and Installation with NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners).
  • David, Hiking and Diving Center

    David Christian was born in England and has been volunteering in Africa, England and St. Vincent for several years. David is right now taking care of guests coming to stay at the Hiking and Diving Center.
  • Selwyn Patterson, Teacher

    Selwyn comes from Rose Hall and is a community activist and drummer. Selwyn worked as a prison officer and with the Ministry of Agriculture before he started at Richmond Vale Academy seven years ago.
  • Luke Punnett, Teacher

    Luke is from Vermont and has a BA in Business Management. Luke is a certified Perma Culture Design Instructor running an organic farm in Vermont. He teaches organic farming, agroforestry, soil management, production of organic fertilizer. Luke joined RVA in 2014
  • Cleo Westfield, Accountant

    Cleo is from Petit Bordel and studied Principles of Business at St. Vincent Grammar School. Cleo has been teaching at Troumaka Secondary School before he started working as an accountant in 2017.
  • Raymond Matthews, Farm Manager

    Raymond is from Fitz Hughes and has been working at Richmond Vale Academy for more than 15 years. Raymond manages the commercial farm production which ranges from passion fruits, trees and eggs.
  • Else Marie Pedersen, Marketing

    Else went to Africa with the Travelling Folk High School in Denmark. Before that she studied and traveled all over the world. She has visited over 10 countries in Africa and been to several Humana People to People projects. She worked at One World Center in the United States for 12 years. In June 2014, she joined Richmond Vale Academy.
  • Danail Petrov, Teacher

    Danail was born in Bulgaria and has a BA in Forestry. Danail has worked with community development and water security with DAPP in Zambia before joining RVA in 2017.
  • Tyson McDowall, Dive Master

    Tyson is from Chateaubelair and is a Divemaster in process to becoming a certified instructor. Tyson also works with landscape development and maintenance.
  • Pat Otley, Landscaper

    Pat is a lifelong farmer from Chateaubelair, has his own farm in the Richmond Valley. Pat is in charge of developing the park areas around the Academy.
  • Joan Maizy Patterson, Farmer,

    Lifelong farmer from Fitz Hughes and works in the passion fruit department.
  • Samuel Glasgow, Ecotourism

    Sam has travelled the world working on cruise ships. At Richmond Vale Academy he is working with Eco Tourism, Transport and various other tasks.