Join the Figthing with the Poor Team at Richmond Vale in St.Vincent

The next courses start October 2018 and April 2019

This program is a comprehensive study of global poverty.

You will learn about the conditions of the billions of people living in poverty and how it affects their health, education, freedom, economic opportunities and if they will have a short or a long life.

At Richmond Vale Academy you will join a team of humanitarians from around the world living in a communal setting where everyone works together to live, learn and serve The Poor and Protect the Planet. 

This training certifies you as a Development Instructor and awards you a B-certificate from One World University in Fighting Poverty.



Period One and Two: The Present and the Future (5-Months)
You meet your teammates, teachers and acclimate to the communal campus life. Your studies begin with understanding the world, the forces running the world, the history of poverty, the potential available to humanity and what the future holds. You will begin studies, learning assignments and set out into society to ask questions and learn about The Poor. You will take part in several actions with the St. Vincent Climate Compliance Conference such as supporting model gardens, tree planting, teaching, beach clean ups and awareness campaigns. Your team will also fundraise to cover part of your program expenses. (including your flight to Ecuador or Belize). You will learn how to empower The Poor and begin to train how to implement projects in the Service Period.

Period Three: The Service Period (5-Months)
A new and challenging part of the program. You and your teammates set off to live for five months in Ecuador or Belize. Our partner, Humana People to People, will be waiting to assign you to a project in groups of three (trios). You may find yourself working in a rural area improving family health, farming methods and starting water and sanitation projects or teaching in schools. Our partner has a long history of running projects around the world and provides leadership to you and your trio. In turn, as a Development Instructor, you work with the community to empower them towards sustainable solutions.

Period Four: The Journal (2 months)
After your service period your team heads back to St. Vincent for The Journal period. You need to reflect on all that you have experienced and take the time to integrate your service experiences into your new world-view. You finish studies for the B-certificate with One World University and create a product to share with others. You may wish to produce a movie, write a book, make a presentation, radio program or any other form of creatively sharing “The situation and the Voice of The Poor”.

In addition, you take the time to determine how this will affect your own future and you may go into a humanitarian career, work in international aid or planet protection. We encourage you to stand shoulder to shoulder with the most vulnerable people on our Planet.


Fighting with the Poor - 12 Month
$500 + $4400
Enrollment fee + Tuition fee
Food and Accommodation for 12 Months
Basic materials needed to execute the program's activities.
Research and Action


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